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Is China’s Economic Luck Running Out?

By Dr Ilan Alon, University of Agder At the end of April 2015, FXI — China’s prestigious Xinhua China 25 index, a key indicator of China’s stock market value — climbed dramatically, reaching over US$52 per share. By 5 September, the index had dropped to a low of about US$33 per share, representing the destruction of … Continue reading

Building The Southern Silk Road

By Vijay Prashad On September 22, a seemingly nondescript meeting was held in Tehran, Iran: The Road Maintenance and Transportation Organisation (RMTO) held its first expert meeting for the Iran-India-Afghanistan Agreement on Transit and International Transportation Cooperation. Bureaucratic acronyms and legalistic language abounds. None of this seems – on the surface – to be greatly important. But this … Continue reading

Pepe Escobar: Pope Francis May Be The Focus Of Attention — But Putin, Xi Is Where All The Action Is

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times Pope Francis may be the rock star. But once again, the real heart of the action is all about Russia and China — those prime “threats” to Exceptionalistan, according to the Pentagon. Where’s Benjamin’s Angel of History when we need him? His gaze is now certainly focused on the home … Continue reading

Rationalising China’s Exchange Rate Policy

By Yukon Huang, Carnegie Endowment There are conflicts among the many objectives shaping China’s exchange rate policy. Politically, China’s leaders are keen on having the renminbi become a major international currency. For this purpose, the renminbi needs to be strong and stable enough that others will use it to settle trade balances and as a reserve … Continue reading

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are Continuing To Crash

By Michael Snyder You would think that the simultaneous crashing of all of the largest stock markets around the world would be very big news.  But so far the mainstream media in the United States is treating it like it isn’t really a big deal.  Over the last sixty days, we have witnessed the most … Continue reading

How China Can Contain The Impact Of Its Economic Slowdown

By Lee Jong-Wha Pundits love debating the Chinese economy’s growth prospects, and nowadays the pessimists are gaining the upper hand. But many are basing their predictions on other economies’ experiences, whereas China has been breaking the mold on economic growth for the last three decades. So, are China’s economic prospects as bad as prevailing wisdom … Continue reading

Initiatives For Transforming The Global Economy: China’s “One Belt One Road”

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar A number of important initiatives linked largely to the economy made public in the last few years may have a huge impact upon the future of humankind. ASEAN and China have played a pioneering role in some of them. The ASEAN initiated Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), negotiations for which started in … Continue reading

Impact Of China’s Economic Slowdown On Brazil

The prospect of a slowdown in China’s economy should have a negative impact of 0.3 percentage points over the Brazilian GDP between 2015 and 2016, according to a study of MCM Consultores, a Brazilian consultancy. According to the report, given the importance acquired by China in global demand, this process has immediate consequences for large … Continue reading

China’s Growth To Moderate To 6.8% In 2015 Amidst Recent Pressures – ADB Study

Decelerating more than expected in the first eight months of 2015, gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is forecast to average 6.8% for the year. Recent growth moderation will likely be offset by a pickup in exports and consumption in the remainder of the year, says a new Asian … Continue reading

With China Slowing, Faster Reforms Critical To Generate Jobs

By W. Raphael Lam, Xiaoguang Liu, and Alfred Schipke China is moving toward a “new normal” of safer and more sustainable growth.  To this end, ensuring its labor market stays resilient will be critical.  Reforms to contain vulnerabilities caused by buildup of credits may temporarily slow growth, and raise the unemployment rate, but supported through … Continue reading

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