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Mark Mobius: Monetary Policy Matters

This year we expect the divergence in monetary policy among the world’s central banks to be a key theme and a likely driver of asset flows. By Templeton Emerging Markets Group For now, the scorecard seems to be tilted toward monetary easing since in the first month of 2015 alone, 14 central banks engaged in some … Continue reading

Mark Mobius: Will China’s Year Of The Goat Bring Out The Market Bulls?

According to the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Goat (or sheep), creatures that are typically peaceful in nature but can also be stubborn, while exhibiting herd-like behavior. I’ve invited my colleague Eddie Chow, senior executive vice president and managing director, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, to share his perspective on some key themes … Continue reading

A Few Words On Greece

By Mark Mobius Greece’s ongoing debate about the best way forward has now played out at the ballot box, although many uncertainties remain. On January 25, Syriza, an extreme left-wing party led by Alexis Tsipras, won the biggest share of the vote in Greece’s elections, and it now has 149 seats in parliament, leaving it … Continue reading

Africa’s Electrifying Future – Franklin Templeton

By Franklin Templeton Emerging and frontier markets are a focal point of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which takes place during the week of January 19. One of the sessions, “Achieving Africa’s Growth Agenda,” is of particular interest to me. Our team still believes Africa overall has good long-term potential despite some … Continue reading

Templeton’s 2015 Investment Outlook: Emerging Markets Still Global Growth Drivers

By Templeton Emerging Markets Group We at Templeton Emerging Markets Group believe high economic growth rates will remain a key attraction of many emerging markets in 2015. Even with major economies like Brazil and Russia slowing down, overall economic growth in emerging markets during 2015 is expected to be comfortably in excess of developed markets, with … Continue reading

Oil And Emerging Markets: A Double-Edged Sword

By Franklin Templeton The price of oil has plummeted this year as a result of increased volatility in most markets and a temporary imbalance of supply and demand. In view of continued long-term world growth, particularly in emerging- and frontier-market countries, we believe oil prices will probably not suffer from a prolonged price slump. As … Continue reading

Franklin Templeton: Indonesian Optimism

By Tek Khoan Ong, CFA® Senior Executive Vice President, Managing Director Templeton Emerging Markets Group Southeast Asia represents one of the fastest-growing regions in the world today, and is one that we are excited about as investors. The Templeton Emerging Markets Group held our semiannual analyst conference in Jakarta in September, and one of the key … Continue reading

Three Words For Brazil

By Mark Mobius Franklin Templeton Investments  Via ValueWalk As long-time investors in Brazil, the recent presidential election has been of keen interest to us. One can certainly say it’s been an interesting race! The market had been volatile based on the changing polls leading up to the election; there were hopes that new leadership would … Continue reading

Mobius, Bullish On Neves, Says Brazil’s Stocks Could Surge 20% With Election Victory

Mark Mobius is bullish on Aecio Neves – very bullish, in fact – should he defeat Dilma Rousseff to become Brazil’s next President. Today, Mr. Mobius, who has over 40 years of experience investing in emerging markets, and is the Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group was on Bloomberg TV for an interview with Guy … Continue reading

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