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ASEAN’s Geopolitical Arrangement Vis-à-Vis The Chinese Containment Coalition

By Andrew Korybko The regional grouping of Southeast Asian states has catapulted to the forefront of global economics, becoming one of the fastest growing blocs in the world. Its economies have stabilized after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, and have since then shown intense resilience by fully rebounding from the ‘Great Recession’ in 2010, much quicker … Continue reading

U.S. Ramps Up Anti-China “Pivot To Asia”

By Peter Symonds The latest US maritime strategic document, “A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower: Forward, Engaged, Ready,” released yesterday, makes clear that Washington is pressing ahead with its “pivot to Asia” and military build-up against China. In doing so, the US is continuing to stoke up tensions in the East and South China seas, … Continue reading

Sustainable Transport In Asia: Get On The Bus Or A River Ferry

Asian countries need to look beyond transport systems based on private vehicles if they hope to keep their cities clean, efficient, and prosperous. Buses, trains, bikes, and river ferries are only for poor people. Prosperous people use private cars in cities that are laced with highways. These simple but powerful ideas are key stumbling blocks … Continue reading

Pension Reform For Asia’s Elderly Needed, The Asian Development Bank Says

As families change and populations age, the elderly from across Asia and the Pacific risk being left behind in the region’s economic boom. In the People’s Republic of China, more than half the population lives in rural areas but only about 10 percent of these residents are covered by rural pension schemes, according to a … Continue reading

China’s ‘Silk Road’ Praised By Experts, Backed By More Than 50 States

China’s 21st Century Maritime ‘Silk Road’ initiative has received backing and high praise from more than 50 states and international organizations and aims at bolstering the economic development of the Asia-Pacific. By Sputnik News China’s 21st Century Maritime ‘Silk Road’ project aimed at boosting the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region has received high praise from international experts. … Continue reading

World Bank Warns On Global Growth

The organization cuts its growth forecast again, and predicts mixed fortunes for the Asia-Pacific in 2015. By Anthony Fensom The World Bank has cut its global growth forecasts again for 2015, warning of further downside risks despite the benefit of cheaper oil. However, mixed fortunes are seen for Asia’s biggest economies, with growth slowing in … Continue reading

Marching Towards Disaster: What’s Really Behind The U.S. Push In The Asia-Pacific? – OpEd

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya On the sidelines of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Brisbane, US President Barack H. Obama delivered a keynote speech to diplomats, policymakers, faculty members, and students at the University of Queensland on the United States of America’s foreign policy and Obama’s so-called “Asian pivot” or “pivot to Asia.” In … Continue reading

China’s Growth Secret

By Zhang Jun Project Syndicate Many people are profoundly pessimistic about the Chinese economy’s growth prospects, owing to the emergence of massive debt, excessive investment, overcapacity, and so-called “ghost cities” since the 2008 global financial crisis. But these problems are not new. They have, in various forms, affected China’s economy since 1978, and were evident … Continue reading

China Signals A Change In Priorities, Raising The Risk Of Tension With The Developed World

By Timothy Heath China’s decision to elevate in priority its relationship with its neighbors over that with the United States and other great powers, confirmed at the recently concluded Central Work Conference on Foreign Relations, heralds a major shift in its diplomacy. The decision reflects Beijing’s assessment that relations with countries in Asia and with … Continue reading

The Era Of Nuclear Commerce: Nuclear In The Global Energy Supply Mix

By Anis Bajrektarevic, Petra Posega GeopoliticalMonitor Today, nuclear energy is 4th place in the total primary energy supply mixture, following the still-dominating coal, oil, and natural gas holding a staggering 80% of the world primary energy supply. To make these statistics more instructive, we can add that the primary energy supply in 2013 reached 13,217 … Continue reading

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