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Russia Submits 1.2 Million Sq Km Arctic Claim To UN … This Time Including The North Pole

“Russia made a new bid Tuesday for a huge swath of Arctic territory — including the North Pole — putting Canada in the position of potentially having to negotiate with the country to settle overlapping claims,” Montreal Gazette reports. According to the news agency: Canada, Russia, the U.S., Denmark and Norway have all been trying to … Continue reading

The Donut Hole At The Center Of The Arctic Ocean

Originally posted on cryopolitics:
The Donut Hole (and two other small ones to the south) at the center of the Arctic Ocean. On June 4, I wrote about issues surrounding the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean. June 5 was National Donut Day. So that makes it a better time than ever to talk about the…

Venezuela Urges OPEC Oil Blending To Increase Competitiveness

Venezuela has proposed that it blend its heavy crude with light oil from other OPEC countries to create a consistent new grade that could compete against increasing U.S. and Canadian supplies. The idea was discussed at the Summit of the Americas in Panama earlier this month and at a meeting with OPEC ambassadors in Caracas last week, according to Eulogio del Pino, head of the Venezuelan state oil … Continue reading

Commodities: Is The Arctic Home To The “New Great Game”?

By Steven MacMillan As a resource-rich region which is home to copious amounts of oil, gas, gold, and an array of other metals, the Arctic will be a theatre of geopolitical competition between NATO and Russia in the coming decades, along with attempts by NATO to contain Russia. The Arctic holds an estimated 13% (90 … Continue reading

U.S. Military Vet: Traveling To Fight ISIS ‘Like Booking A Flight To Miami’

A US military veteran said joining a Kurdish group fighting Islamic State militants in Syria was as “easy” as buying an airline ticket, highlighting the simplicity with which westerners have joined both Islamic State and its foes. The veteran, “John,” told Fox News in an exclusive interview that he found a Kurdish group known as … Continue reading

The Era Of Nuclear Commerce: Nuclear In The Global Energy Supply Mix

By Anis Bajrektarevic, Petra Posega GeopoliticalMonitor Today, nuclear energy is 4th place in the total primary energy supply mixture, following the still-dominating coal, oil, and natural gas holding a staggering 80% of the world primary energy supply. To make these statistics more instructive, we can add that the primary energy supply in 2013 reached 13,217 … Continue reading

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