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Why Africa Should Be Looking At China Right Now

There are a couple things happening in China right now that Africa should be looking at very keenly. We won’t talk about Black Monday here because what happens on the Chinese stock exchange does not necessarily directly speak to the impact China’s economy has on Africa. Let’s talk about what really matters for Kenya and … Continue reading

Jim Rogers On Russia’s 2015 Economic Outlook

On December 22, 2014 CCTV America interviewed Jim Rogers, who runs Rogers Holdings, an investment firm, about the 2015 economic outlook. Very interesting insights on Russia, commodities, energy, and many more … Courtesy of CCTV America ETFs: RSX, ERUS

Where To Focus In Emerging Markets With The Oil Price Collapse

By Eswarie Subrahmanyam S. Balan, Research Analyst WisdomTree With oil prices down over 39% since the highs of June this year, many investors have been caught off-guard.1 It is important for investors to consider how their portfolios are being impacted by lower energy prices, especially if the weakness persists. We focus our attention on the … Continue reading

Plummeting Oil Prices Could Destroy The Banks That Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives

By Michael Snyder Could rapidly falling oil prices trigger a nightmare scenario for the commodity derivatives market?  The big Wall Street banks did not expect plunging home prices to cause a mortgage-backed securities implosion back in 2008, and their models did not anticipate a decline in the price of oil by more than 40 dollars … Continue reading

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