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Why India Should Join China’s Maritime Silk Road

By Geethanjali Nataraj Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the concept of the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) — now a part of the One Belt, One Road initiative — during his visit to Indonesia in October 2013. The MSR is an attempt to promote economic cooperation and connectivity by reviving the ancient maritime Silk Road trading … Continue reading

The Fast-Track Trap Of Trans-Atlantic Trade

By Andrew Korybko, Sputnik News The Senate has given Obama authority to ‘fast-track’ controversial trade legislation with East Asia and the EU, and it remains to be seen if the House of Representatives can stop the bill before it’s too late. The so-called ‘fast-track’ legislation limits Congress’ ability to tweak the opaque details of Obama’s trade deals … Continue reading

Emerging Asia Set For “Strong Growth” In 2015, 2016: ADB

Emerging Asia will maintain its strong economic growth in 2015 and 2016, supported by soft commodity prices and recovery in the major industrial economies, a new report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) says. The ADB’s annual economic report, Asian Development Outlook 2015 (ADO), released on Tuesday, forecasts gross domestic product (GDP) growth in emerging … Continue reading

Growing Risks To Local Currency Bonds In Emerging East Asia, ADB Says

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) warned on Tuesday of growing risks to local currency bonds in emerging East Asia. In the ADB’s latest quarterly Asia Bond Monitor report it warns that widening credit spreads, a stronger U.S. dollar, Greece’s debt crisis, and falling oil prices are growing risks to local currency bonds in emerging East Asia. “While … Continue reading

China Looks To India, Russia For Creation Of ‘New Silk Road’

China’s Foreign Minister announced that China is ready to cooperate with Russia and India to create an economic corridor that benefits all parties. . By Sputnik News China is ready to develop economic cooperation with Russia and India as part of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, the building of a new Silk Road, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced … Continue reading

2015 Predictions For East Asia

It looks set to be another year of repetitive, uninspiring status quo. By Robert E. Kelly Last month I suggested a list of the biggest issues in Asian security of the previous year (as well as a look back at big U.S. foreign policy events in the region). This month I thought I would look … Continue reading

Marching Towards Disaster: What’s Really Behind The U.S. Push In The Asia-Pacific? – OpEd

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya On the sidelines of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Brisbane, US President Barack H. Obama delivered a keynote speech to diplomats, policymakers, faculty members, and students at the University of Queensland on the United States of America’s foreign policy and Obama’s so-called “Asian pivot” or “pivot to Asia.” In … Continue reading

Japan’s “National Resilience Plan”: Its Promise And Perils In The Wake Of The Election

By Andrew DeWit This article highlights Japan’s National Resilience (“Kokudo Kyoujinka”) strategy, a very important, multi-trillion-yen initiative that was (incredibly) ignored during the campaign preceding the December 14 election and continues to be. Like most countries’ efforts to bolster resilience against accelerating climate change and other patent threats, the content of Japan’s plan is a work … Continue reading

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