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NATO, West Becoming Irrelevant As BRICS/SCO Expand Political, Economic Influence: F. William Engdahl

By F. William Engdahl The dual summits that took place in Russia’s Ufa beginning 9 July were anything but routine. In fact it may be seen by future historians as a signal event that marked the definitive decline of the global hegemony of European civilization including North America. This is no small event in human history. … Continue reading

China’s Financial Footprint In Europe

The EU’s crisis-prone periphery has largely welcomed China’s financial penetration of Europe. That’s not a sentiment shared by the Eurozone’s leading states, observes Nicola Casarini. They’re concerned that Chinese investments will make it difficult for Brussels to adopt critical stances against Beijing in the future. By Nicola Casarini China’s financial footprint is spreading across Europe, … Continue reading

Qatar Reforms Budget Policy, Pushes Back Fiscal Year End

Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al -Thani, issued a law Tuesday on the financial system of the State that will push back the end of fiscal year 2014/2015 for the General State budget to December 31 from March 31, the official Qatar News Agency reports. The new financial system law will also give additional power to the … Continue reading

U.S. Weighing Expulsion Of Russia From SWIFT Interbank Payment System

The U.S. Treasury Department is still evaluating and discussing the impacts of expelling Russia from the SWIFT interbank payment system, U.S. Treasury Assistant Secretary for International Finance Ramin Toloui said at a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday. During the Committee hearing, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio asked the panel that if Russia was to violate the Minsk Protocol, what the … Continue reading

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