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Oxfam: US Firms Stash $1.4 Trillion In Offshore Accounts

By Ken Bredemeier The anti-poverty group Oxfam on Thursday accused the 50 biggest U.S. companies of holding about $1.4 trillion in assets in offshore accounts to avoid paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes. In a wide-ranging report, Oxfam said some of the best known American corporations, including drug maker Pfizer, investment banker Goldman Sachs, retailer … Continue reading

Goldman Sachs Expects Oil To Trade Between $25 And $45 Per Barrel In Q2 2016: Admits Prices Could Fall Sharply In Coming Weeks

The crude market may be starting to rebalance as US production declines and output disruption from non-OPEC countries could potentially slash global oversupply, according to the Goldman Sachs Group. Storage constraints and a still large oversupply in coming months will continue to keep prices in a trendless and volatile range, the Goldman report said. The … Continue reading

Time To Buy EM? BlackRock, Templeton, Goldman, And PIMCO Say Yes

Is now the right time to buy emerging market (EM) assets? A growing number of the world’s largest money managers are saying yes, such as BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, Goldman Sachs, and an adviser to PIMCO. Against a backdrop of an oil price crisis which has been battering economies, markets, and companies; alongside worries over a slowdown in global growth led … Continue reading

Venezuela Exported 36 Tonnes Of Its Official Gold Reserves To Switzerland In January

By Koos Jansen, BullionStar Switzerland has net imported 35.8 tonnes of gold from Venezuela in January 2016. This unusual high tonnage must be gold from the central bank of Venezuela – Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) – that has been swapping metal with banks or simply sold it in the open market. Remarkably, after Venezuela repatriated 160 tonnes in … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Buy Oil Now

Things have been crazy with oil recently which touched price levels below $30 per barrel. Some analysts believe that’s not the end of the negative trend and the prices may go down to as low as $10 per barrel. Standard Chartered became the latest major bank to downgrade its oil outlook to $10 last month, … Continue reading

China’s Record Dumping Of US Treasuries Leaves Goldman Speechless

On Friday, alongside China’s announcement that it had bought over 600 tons of gold in “one month”, the PBOC released another very important data point: its total foreign exchange reserves, which declined by $17.3 billion to $3,694 billion. By Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge) We then put China’s change in FX reserves alongside the total Treasury holdings … Continue reading

Goldman Sachs Looks To Saudi Arabian Stocks Following Market Opening

Following Saudi Arabia’s opening of its near $600 billion stock market to direct foreign investment, Goldman Sachs — which advises clients on over $1 trillion in investment — has applied to own and trade Saudi Arabian stocks, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the matter. Goldman is seeking a qualified foreign investor permit from the Capital Markets Authority of Saudi Arabia, according … Continue reading

Ukraine Faces Solvency Crisis And Likely To Default In July, Goldman Says

Ukraine faces a solvency and liquidity crisis and will likely miss a bond coupon payment in July and — as a result — will default on its debt, according to Goldman Sachs. The Ukrainian government is unlikely to resolve a disagreement with its creditors on its debt repayment plan in the approaching weeks and will likely issue a moratorium before … Continue reading

Goldman Sachs Has A New Intern Rule: Go Home At Midnight

Originally posted on Quartz:
If Wall Street interns are like overworked Cinderellas, Goldman Sachs is the fairy godmother this year, telling its investment banking interns to leave before the clock strikes midnight. OK so maybe that analogy doesn’t work perfectly, but the bank’s benevolent bosses have told their summer underlings to take a break from work between midnight…

Outflow From The Largest US Oil ETF Reached $1 Billion In April-May

The biggest U.S. exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks oil, the United States Oil Fund, known as USO, is heading for the largest two-month outflow in six years. Investors are worried that it could be the end of crude’s 30 percent rally. Shareholders of the USO have withdrawn almost $1 billion so far since the beginning of April, … Continue reading

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