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Oil Geopolitics: South Stream Has Been Resurrected Through Balkan Stream – OpEd

As Russia begins to build a pipeline through Macedonia that could form the basis of a revised South Stream route, the Hungarian President is in talks with Erdogan over financing this enormous project. By Andrew Korybko, Sputnik News While many in the Balkans were lamenting the cancellation of the South Stream project last December, Russia was hard at work … Continue reading

New EU Energy Union Looks To Break Dependence On Russia

By Alina Yablokova and Global Risk Insights On February 25, the European Commission presented its Energy Union package of proposals, a first major step made by the European legislators to realise the strategy of coordinating the energy policies of the 28 EU member states. Indeed, the European Commission envisages a union that speaks with one voice … Continue reading

EU Considering “Reframing” Russian Energy Ties

The European Commission is reportedly looking to create a single energy market which is based on cross-border connections to improve security of supply and to cut its dependence on Russia, which supplies around one third of the European Union’s (EU) energy, Reuters reports, citing a drafted document on the matter. According to Reuters, the EU is considering “reframing” its energy relations … Continue reading

EU May Block Russia-Hungary Nuclear Deal On Concerns Budapest Won’t Ramp Up Sanctions On Moscow: FT

A deal by Hungary to award nuclear power contracts to a Russian state-owned company is facing “a growing threat” from EU regulators amid concerns that Budapest may resist attempts to ramp up sanctions against Moscow, the Financial Times (FT) reported on Sunday. In an article titled “Hungary-Russia nuclear power deal faces Brussels roadblock”, the FT says that up to €12bn … Continue reading

Hungary: We Have Strengthened Our Cooperation With Russia

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President Vladimir Putin agreed that Hungary can use the amount of gas which has not been consumed so far, within long-term gas contracts due to expire this year. Also, Hungary will pay for the amount it actually consumes. “We have firmly secured energy supply for Hungarian families and have also … Continue reading

Disinflation In EU Countries Outside The Eurozone – IMF

By Plamen Iossifov and Jiri Podpiera Inflation has been falling sharply across Europe since 2012 (see Charts 1 and 2). Across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), inflation expectations have also drifted down especially among countries who peg their currencies to the euro (Bulgaria, Croatia and Lithuania, which adopted the euro on January 1, 2015), but also … Continue reading

A Soros “Trojan Horse” Inside The New Greek Government?

By Wayne Madsen As Greece celebrates the inauguration of its anti-austerity government, the euphoria should be tempered with a bit of realism. Although new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who named his son Ernesto after Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Ché Guevara, and the vast majority of his new Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) government have good … Continue reading

How China’s Balkan Silk Road Can Resurrect The South Stream – OpEd

By Andrew Korybko Oriental Review China is extending its Silk Road into the Balkans, with a planned project to construct a railroad from the Greek port of Piraeus all the way to Budapest. This would connect Beijing’s primary port of entrance for its commercial goods to one of Central Europe’s main transport conduits, thereby pushing … Continue reading

Long Shadows Stretch Across Central Europe

Tim Gosling in Prague BNE Long shadows stretch across the economies of Central Europe as they head into 2015. There was optimism a year ago that a fully-fledged recovery was finally underway. However, stuttering growth in the Eurozone and the Ukraine geopolitical crisis have dampened export prospects, creating a challenging scenario for the small, open … Continue reading

Central European PMIs Power Onwards In November

By BNE IntelliNews Central European purchasing manager indices (PMI) continued to power onwards in November, with Poland joining Hungary and the Czech Republic in registering an improvement in sentiment, data released by Markit on December 1 showed. Adding to recent bright data out of the region, it suggests a surprisingly strong end to the year. The brightening … Continue reading

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