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BRICS: $100 Billion Liquidity Reserve Fund Comes Into Force

“The agreement on the BRICS $100 billion currency reserve pool came into force Thursday. The fund was set up by the developing nations group to protect their national currencies from volatility in global markets,” RT reports. “The arrangement is important not only because it provides the possibility to quickly obtain additional liquidity, but its very … Continue reading

How Green Energy Will Change Africa

By Christine Mungai In 1977, the average price of generating energy from sunshine was $76.67 a watt. Today, the price has dropped to just $0.60 a watt. It’s a stunning 99.2% drop in 38 years, and solar energy is soon going to reach “grid parity” all over the world – the point where it is cheaper, or at … Continue reading

NATO, West Becoming Irrelevant As BRICS/SCO Expand Political, Economic Influence: F. William Engdahl

By F. William Engdahl The dual summits that took place in Russia’s Ufa beginning 9 July were anything but routine. In fact it may be seen by future historians as a signal event that marked the definitive decline of the global hegemony of European civilization including North America. This is no small event in human history. … Continue reading

BRICS Bank Said To Open Offices In Member States In 2016

The BRICS grouping of emerging market nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — will start to open local offices of the New Development Bank (NDB), also known as the BRICS bank, in 2016, Russia’s TASS news agency reports, citing Andrey Bokarev, a department head at the Russian Finance Ministry. The first office in South Africa … Continue reading

What Is China’s Role In The BRICS?

By Minghao Zhao As much of the world focuses on Greece’s travails, the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – have been working to advance their own economic agenda, most recently at their seventh annual summit in the Siberian city of Ufa. But, though Russia hosted the meeting, it is China … Continue reading

How Can Africa Fulfill Its Potential For Energy Production?

By Martin Ganda South Africa’s City Press reports that Turkish company Karadeniz Energy Group has offered to help to solve South Africa’s power problems by supplying its Powerships. Some African countries, like Ghana, get electricity from Powerships; floating power stations that connect to the grid and are powered by oil or gas. If this demonstrates anything, it is how Africa’s power scarcity … Continue reading

Russia Overtakes China As Most Attractive BRICS Country For Investment

The Russian market has replaced China to become the most attractive BRICS country for investors in 2015, according to Bloomberg. Pricier oil that has rebounded from a six-year low and easing political risks make it the best BRICS investment bet. Analysts polled by Bloomberg say Russian shares are undervalued, by up to a half compared with … Continue reading

What Do BRICS’ Exports Tell Us About Their Competitiveness?

By Simon J. Evenett That export performance of the BRICS has been disappointing in recent years is well known. What hasn’t been appreciated is the extraordinary lengths the governments of the BRICS have gone to boost their exports. Indeed, once they’ve been taken into account, recent export performance is cast in worse light, begging the question—is … Continue reading

Is The U.S. Trying To Crash China’s Market To Counter The Rising Clout Of The BRICS, SCO, EEU?

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya The tide is changing. The world is no longer dominated by the U.S., Western Europe, and Japan. The Group of Eight (G8), which reverted to the Group of Seven (G7) in 2014, has been displaced by the BRICS, which is why Russia was not bothered when it was expelled from the G8/G7 … Continue reading

What The Mainstream Media Missed From The BRICS And SCO Summits

By Andrew Korybko, Sputnik News The Ufa Summits were so wildly successful that most media outlets couldn’t keep track of everything that transpired. The most widely known achievements to have come out of the BRICS and SCO Summits in Ufa are the BRICS New Development Bank and India and Pakistan’s joint accession to the SCO, but that doesn’t mean that … Continue reading

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