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India’s Army Raid in Myanmar Changes Security Scenario Mindset

According to local media, the Indian Army crossed the border into Myanmar on Tuesday and killed some 115 Indian insurgents who fled to the neighboring country after having murdered 30 Indian soldiers in three separate attacks in May and June. By Sputnik News India’s army raid on camps of Indian insurgents in neighboring Myanmar has changed the country’s counter-insurgency … Continue reading

Will The US Economy Collapse Soon?

After a weak first quarter, America’s financials are bloated while the real economy is barely a step away from recession, however, the overall economy is closer to a lengthy stagnation rather than a full-blown demise. By Kristian Rouz, Sputnik News US economy has not fared well in 2015 thus far, staggering and almost nearing a halt … Continue reading

Why $10 Barrel Crude Oil Might Become Reality

The United States has accumulated record volumes of crude oil in reserves, now hovering like the sword of Damocles over the global energy markets and the world’s several petrocracies. By Sputnik News Global oil prices dipped this past week, ending a month-long rebound, which some observers had seen as a good sign for both the corrupt petrocracies around the … Continue reading

Capacity Of Russian Arctic Ports To Grow By 60% Over Next 15 Years

An official from Russia’s port association expects Russia to increase the volume of shipments made via its Arctic ports to 115 million tons per year. By Sputnik News Russia is currently modernizing its existing port facilities and constructing new terminals in the Arctic.  These efforts are expected to raise the port capacity of Russian Arctic ports from 72 to 115 … Continue reading

China’s ‘Silk Road’ Praised By Experts, Backed By More Than 50 States

China’s 21st Century Maritime ‘Silk Road’ initiative has received backing and high praise from more than 50 states and international organizations and aims at bolstering the economic development of the Asia-Pacific. By Sputnik News China’s 21st Century Maritime ‘Silk Road’ project aimed at boosting the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region has received high praise from international experts. … Continue reading

Venezuela Says Goodbye To Cheap Gas

Venezuela will announce a change of policy soon on gasoline, the finance minister said in an interview. By Sputnik News The move means that the OPEC nation is now going to raise its heavily subsidized gasoline prices, which are the lowest in the region, Reuters reports. One US dollar buys around five gallons of gas in Venezuela costing the government … Continue reading

Chinese Currency Devaluation Prospective Grossly Exaggerated

The Chinese currency volatility does not mean the yuan will be hit by the depreciation trend. By Sputnik News Although the Chinese yuan has been falling against the US dollar since the beginning of this week, concerns over the currency fluctuation are grossly exaggerated according to China’s experts As the yuan continued its slide against the US dollar nearly reaching the … Continue reading

Russia’s Rosneft To Invest $500 Billion In Arctic Exploration Over 25 Years

The Russian energy giant’s investments in the Arctic region’s development may reach $500 billion in the next 20-25 years, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Friday. By Sputnik News Russian energy giant Rosneft will invest some $500 billion in the exploration of the Arctic over the next 20-25 years, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Friday. “Rosneft alone will … Continue reading

China Looking To Secure Access To Africa Via Mega Infrastructure Projects

China and the African Union have recently inked an ambitious agreement on the development of a vast transport infrastructure project for Africa; Sputnik searched for expert commentary on the matter to explain the interests behind the agreement. By Sputnik News The African Union and China have recently agreed to on an ambitious transport infrastructure blueprint, aiming … Continue reading

Russian-Made Double Decker Train Ready For New St.Petersburg-Moscow Route

Russian Railways is launching a new passenger route between Moscow and St. Petersburg featuring two-storey rail cars. The first voyage will set off from St. Petersburg on Sunday evening. By Sputnik MOSCOW, January 31 (Sputnik) — A new St. Petersburg-Moscow passenger train route being introduced Sunday evening will feature bilevel (two-storey or ‘double decker’) rail cars, … Continue reading

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