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U.S., Iran ‘Tentatively Agree’ On Partial Expatriation Of Uranium Stockpile To Russia

Washington and Tehran have allegedly came a step closer to agreeing on shipping part of Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile to Russia, AP reports citing diplomatic sources. However, US sanctions, some believe, are hampering any final settlement. According to two diplomatic sources who spoke to the Associated Press, the December round of nuclear talks produced a … Continue reading

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap: Russia Is Selling Oil And Gas In Exchange For Physical Gold – OpEd

By Dmitry Kalinichenko Accusations of the West towards Putin are traditionally based on the fact that he worked in the KGB. And therefore he is a cruel and immoral person. Putin is blamed for everything. But nobody ever accused Putin of the lack of intelligence. Any accusations against this man only emphasize his ability for quick analytical thinking … Continue reading

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