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Despite Elections, Argentina’s Economic Trajectory Is Set

Regardless of election outcomes in October, Argentina’s next government will begin liberalizing its economy, potentially loosening restrictions on the repatriation of funds, reducing the enforcement of price controls and reducing subsidies. Despite slight changes to Argentina’s regulatory framework, the government will continue to bar some investment and businesses to stem capital flight and to maintain … Continue reading

In Argentina, Significant Investment Lies In The Balance Of October’s Elections

Argentina is preparing for its up-and-coming presidential election that is set to take place in October, a move which could usher in a new government that is not tarnished in conspiracies and corruption and could actually give blossom to a nation that has endured many years of economic hardship with the bulk of the nation living from paycheck-to-paycheck and … Continue reading

Desperate For Investment, Argentina Approves Controversial Energy Bill Which Could Attract Billions

Desperate for investment, Argentina’s Congress gave final approval on Thursday to a controversial bill which will pave the way to revamp energy investment regulations as the nation looks to take advantage of its vast and mostly untapped shale and oil gas deposits to attract billions of dollars of much needed investment. The controversial bill is … Continue reading

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