Logo-23EMerging Equity is exclusively dedicated to emerging markets (EM) and frontier markets (FM) investing. We strive to bring the latest news and insight from the realm of EM and FM — macro, forex, stocks, ETFs, metals, monetary policy, political risk, commodities, elections, manufacturing, and economic data, etc.

The platform is run by ETFalpha and EM_Equity. In addition, we have several global contributors from the world of finance and geopolitics.

ETFalpha is based in London UK, and also Lodz Poland. He is a multi-asset ETF portfolio manager, quantitative investment, asset allocation & research analyst, author, and ETF guru with 16 years as a financial professional and investor. He has a masters in econometrics and holds lectures on statistics and econometrics from time to time.

EM_Equity is based in Washington DC, and also Buenos Aires Argentina. He is an EM/FM analyst and author, with also 15 years in investing. He is also an operations manager for a major global airline for over 13 years.

Our contributors are from around the globe – Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Most contributors are institutional investors, however some are political risk analysts, lawyers, bankers, authors or reporters, etc.

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