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Infographic: The Robo-Advisor Arms Race

By¬†Jeff Desjardins,¬†Visual Capitalist CAN UPSTART ROBO-ADVISORS COMPETE AGAINST SCALE? It was going to happen sooner or later. When they launched roughly five years ago, tech-driven companies such as Betterment or Wealthfront had the audacious and laudable goal of taking on the incumbents of the gargantuan wealth management industry. Many traditional wealth managers were skeptical of … Continue reading

The Case For Indonesia

By¬†Charles Mautz,¬†Chinus Asset Management During a recent visit to Jakarta, it was evident that Indonesians are optimistic. Investment managers, business leaders and taxi drivers all voiced their opinion that things are getting better and that the future is bright. Up to now, Indonesia has generally punched below its weight. It is often lumped together with … Continue reading

More Troubles May Lie Ahead For Nigeria As MSCI Weighs Removal From Index

More troubles may lie ahead for Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, as¬†global equity index provider MSCI is considering dropping the nation from its benchmark Frontier Markets Index, which could put $500 million of equity investment under threat. On Thursday¬†MSCI announced that it‚Äôs considering removing the country from its Frontier Markets Index, blaming currency restrictions imposed by … Continue reading

As EM Assets Rally, Should Investors Warm Up To EM Corporates? ‚ÄĒ An Interview With Robert Abad

With emerging markets (EM) equities, currencies and sovereign debt posting strong year-to-date gains, should investors also warm up to EM¬†corporate credit, which lagged¬†the rally? To get a better idea of what investors should expect,¬†Robert Abad, Founder of EM+BRACE, sat down with us and shared his insight. Robert Abad:¬†Investors with an interest in EM should always … Continue reading

Thanks Fed: EM FX Logs Best Month On Record, EM Stocks Gain Most Since May 2009

After suffering since 2013 following¬†the “taper tantrum” when the Fed announced the wind down of asset purchases and through the¬†start of this year as the Fed warned of additional interest rate hikes, emerging market (EM) currencies have logged their¬†strongest monthly rally on record in March, according to Bloomberg‚Äôs calculations. As the dollar fell¬†with¬†softer¬†U.S. data and … Continue reading

ETF Due Diligence: Critical Questions And Key Considerations To Make Your Investment Choice Accurate

By ETFalpha As a boutique ETF research house we know how important it’s to conduct a proper due diligence process before choosing an ETF as your investment or a building block of a wider investment strategy. Exchange Traded Funds, also known as passive investments, may sound as more simple investment options than hedge funds or … Continue reading

ETF Asset Allocation Model For Active Investors: $ACWI Transition Into $SPY, $VGK, $EEM, $EPP, $EWJ & $EWC

By ETFalpha Investors who want to gain exposure to the global stock market can simply buy the iShares MSCI ACWI ETF (Nasdaq: $ACWI). The fund¬†seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of large and mid-capitalization developed and emerging market equities and offers the following features: 1. Exposure to a broad range of … Continue reading

Hedge Fund Like ETF’s Long-term Underperform The S&P 500 Anyway – Hefty Fees Of $ALFA & $GURU Are Not Justified

By ETFalpha Most mutual funds underperform their benchmarks and this statement is common knowledge nowadays. ¬†According to different¬†research sources the percentage of the funds losing the market battle¬†is somewhere between 80 and 90 percent. This only proves how challenging it’s to extract the remaining maximum 20% of star asset managers. Only those who have outstanding … Continue reading

ETF Strategy That Loses Its Grip When The S&P 500 Goes Trendless: $ALFA

By ETFalpha Investors and particularly quantitative traders are constantly looking for the best and most optimum strategies to beat market benchmarks. Passive investors know that 90% of actively managed funds underperform their reference indexes, therefore they choose simple index tracking exchange traded funds (ETF’s). As we know, we are greedy from our nature and keep … Continue reading

Reasons Europe Will Continue Lagging The U.S. Stock Market: Relative Analysis Insight – $VGK vs. $SPY

By ETFalpha In this short relative analysis insight we would like to focus on the reasons, which we believe will¬†determine further European stock market under-performance relative to the U.S. stock market. First of all, we would like our readers to scrutinize the below attached chart presenting the $VGK vs. $SPY ratio covering the long-term period … Continue reading

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