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“Guerrilla Warfare Against A Hegemonic Power”: The Challenge And Promise Of Greece

By Ellen Brown Banks create money when they make loans. Greece could restore the liquidity desperately needed by its banks and its economy by nationalizing the banks and issuing digital loans backed by government guarantees to its ailing businesses. Greece could provide an inspiring model of sustainable prosperity for the world. But it is being … Continue reading

The Rise Of Covert Censorship In Latin America

By PanAm Post The rise of “21st-century socialism” across Latin America over the last two decades has led to populist initiatives to “democratize” the media — or, in other words, force the press to fit their ideological mold. It’s been premised on the idea that traditional media has been concentrated in the hands of a … Continue reading

Will Democracy Survive In Nigeria?

By Joseph Benzekri Nigeria’s deadly insurgent group Boko Haram declared its allegiance to ISIS on March 7, following what was reported to be female suicide bombings killing over 50 in Maiduguri. Much like ISIS, the equally nihilistic Boko Haram appears to be edging closer to its own caliphate in northern Nigeria. In light of increasing violence … Continue reading

For African Dictators, Terrorism Has Its Up-Sides – OpEd

By Marcu Niculescu Global freedom is declining, at least according to the Washington-based NGO Freedom House, and two key issues are contributing to this trend: the rise of violent acts by terrorism groups and increasingly aggressive counter-measures by governments. Around the world, governmental abuse in the name of the ‘war on terror’ is being witnessed, from the … Continue reading

No Hope On The Horizon For Pakistan’s Myriad Problems – OpEd

By Sajjad Ashraf Pakistan is in a state of discord. Its civilian governance structure is becoming corrupt and oligarchic. Its façade of democratic order belies a more tawdry reality characterised by money, patronage and cronyism, in which parliament exists to enhance the privileges of the few. Pakistan’s problems are long-standing, rooted in governance failures, with … Continue reading

The Future Of Democracy In America – OpEd

By Peter Baofu White frustration and the silence on biological differences On the other hand, the American credo has also contributed to the reluctant silence by whites in America (largely due to “white guilt” with respect to the historical legacy of slavery and racial segregation in the past centuries) to openly debate about the biological … Continue reading

Washington’s Quiet Proxy War Against Vietnam – OpEd

By Tony Cartalucci Washington’s meddling across Asia has grabbed headlines recently in Hong Kong where US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded opposition leaders attempted to trigger a “color revolution” targeting the government of Beijing and Hong Kong’s local administrators. Its spectacular failure was owed to the almost immediate exposure of the protesters as foreign-backed proxies serving … Continue reading

Libya: Rewiring A Country’s Brain – OpEd

By Linda Housman Just prior to the NATO invasion in Libya, an international delegation of medical professionals reported that few nations lived in the comfort that the Libyan people enjoyed. Meanwhile the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya for their achievements in the area of … Continue reading

Human Rights And Democracy: Venezuela Vs The U.S. – OpEd

By Caleb Maupin The US Congress has announced new economic sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The new law contains a list of Venezuelan officials said to be “violating human rights.” These Venezuelan officials will have their assets frozen and be banned from receiving visas to visit the United States. Trade with Venezuela will be … Continue reading

Hypocrisy Empire (Part I) – OpEd

By Dmitry Minin Back to Roots: American Democracy and Slavery There have been many pretenders to world domination. They have all aspired to hegemony and claimed to have a unique mission to accomplish but each of them had special traits. What is the main specific feature of the American Empire to distinguish it from other empires … Continue reading

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