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Saudi Arabia To Increase Military Budget By 27 Percent By 2020

“Saudi Arabia is on track to become the world’s fifth-largest military spender by 2020 as it boosts its defence budget by 27 percent over the next five years despite lower oil prices,” Simeon Kerr, Financial Times correspondent reports from Dubai. Saudi Arabia aggressively continues to increase its military spending and despite the recent heavy oil price crunch it … Continue reading

Outflow From The Largest US Oil ETF Reached $1 Billion In April-May

The biggest U.S. exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks oil, the United States Oil Fund, known as USO, is heading for the largest two-month outflow in six years. Investors are worried that it could be the end of crude’s 30 percent rally. Shareholders of the USO have withdrawn almost $1 billion so far since the beginning of April, … Continue reading

Goldman Sachs: Oil Prices Could Fall To $30 A Barrel

Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn told CNBC on Wednesday he is very concerned about the short-term window for oil. He thinks crude prices could fall to $30 a barrel. One of the major reasons is the industry runs out of storage space. With the winter heating oil season ending, refineries are turning to producing more gasoline … Continue reading

Goldman Sachs Eyes $40 Oil As Weather, Violence Enter Modeling

As Goldman Sachs looks towards a future $40 per barrel price of oil, private equity funds are building dry powder for further investments. With oil in a state of backwardation – the future price is higher than the current spot price, sometimes considered a positive sign for those wanting higher prices – Goldman Sachs Group … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: Middle East Investors Bullish On Equities As Oil Prices Appear To Be Stabilising

“Middle East funds are increasingly positive toward Saudi Arabia’s stock market as oil prices appear to be stabilising and the kingdom is preparing to open its bourse to direct foreign investment, a Reuters survey of regional asset managers shows” according to Arab News. So far this year, Saudi Arabia has outperformed all other major stock exchanges in … Continue reading

The Odds Of A War Between Israel And Iran Just Went Way Up – OpEd

Uh oh – Iran just got caught with both hands in the cookie jar.  It turns out that even while Iran has been negotiating a “historic peace deal” with the western world, it has been secretly operating a huge underground nuclear enrichment site that it didn’t tell anyone about.  By Michael Snyder But this is … Continue reading

OPEC Will Hold Extraordinary Meeting If Oil Plunge Continues – Cartel President

The OPEC member states are discussing the possibility of an emergency meeting should oil prices continue to fall, said Nigerian Oil Minister, and OPEC President Diezani Alison-Madueke. Prices have dropped by than half since their peak last summer. If the price “slips any further it is highly likely that I will have to call an … Continue reading

Why $10 Barrel Crude Oil Might Become Reality

The United States has accumulated record volumes of crude oil in reserves, now hovering like the sword of Damocles over the global energy markets and the world’s several petrocracies. By Sputnik News Global oil prices dipped this past week, ending a month-long rebound, which some observers had seen as a good sign for both the corrupt petrocracies around the … Continue reading

Plummeting Oil Prices: Factors Pushing Them Further Down

A recent surge in the price of oil is simply a “head-fake,” and oil as cheap as $20 a barrel could be around the corner in 2015, according to report from Citigroup that was released on Monday, February 9th. In Citigroup’s report, Edward Morse – the firm’s global head of commodity research – said that … Continue reading

UN Security Council To Hold Emergency Meeting On Libya

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency session Wednesday on the crisis in Libya, a country that has struggled for political stability while militia groups and an internationally backed government battle for power and territory. The government in neighboring Egypt directed its attention on the situation this week after Islamic State … Continue reading

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