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Why China Is Investing More Money In The US

By Shannon Van Sant Chinese investment in the United States is expected to break records this year, as massive amounts of money continue to flow from China. Chinese companies looking to expand and merge with U.S. firms are expected to invest $20 billion to $30 billion in many sectors. Sean Miner oversees the China program at … Continue reading

Investment Guru Jim Rogers Goes From Russian Bear To Bull

By Ben Aris Megastar investor and notorious Russia bear Jim Rogers says Russia is one of the best places in the world to invest into. That from a man who spent 47 years rubbishing the country. Predicting that there will be serious economic problems in the next few years as the commodity cycle turns further … Continue reading

Optimum-Complexity Portfolios: How To Invest In Turbulent Times

By ONTONIX QUANTITATIVE COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT Research confirms that high portfolio complexity impacts negatively mid and long-term expected returns. This is because high complexity is a formidable source of fragility, hence vulnerability. In a turbulent economy highly vulnerable portfolios and financial products are more exposed and more volatile. Therefore, a new portfolio design strategy based on … Continue reading

Reasons Why Investors Should Place Stakes On Silver Against Gold

Currently, there are signs in the global market that in the near future silver will be more lucrative asset than gold, experts said. Since the beginning of the year, Pro Aurum, one of the leading precious metal dealers in the world, has faced growing demand for silver. Currently, gold and silver prices are rising. Pro Aurum director Robert Hartmann … Continue reading

Iranians Fuel Property Frenzy In Syria

By Sirwan Kajjo, Mehdi Jedinia The Iranian government is encouraging prominent Tehran developers to buy property in well-off Shi’ite majority neighborhoods in Syria’s capital, analysts and construction industry sources in Tehran said. “Entire neighborhoods have been purchased by Iran,” Syrian economist Khorshid Alika told VOA. During the early days of Syria’s civil war, Tehran kept Iran’s involvement … Continue reading

Russian Oil Industry To Attract Some $20.6 Billion Investment In 2016

Russian Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov said that Russian oil sector is expected to attract investments worth 1.4 trillion rubles ($20.6 billion) in 2016. Russian oil sector is expected to attract investments worth 1.4 trillion rubles ($20.6 billion) in 2016, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov said Tuesday. “We expect that the total volume of investments will be … Continue reading

Why Investing In Silver Is Vastly Superior To Investing In Gold Right Now

By Michael Snyder When panic and fear dominate financial markets, gold and silver both tend to rapidly rise in price.  We witnessed this during the last financial crisis, and it is starting to happen again.  Because I am the publisher of a website called The Economic Collapse Blog, I am often asked about gold and … Continue reading

Chinese Find Australia A Good Place For Investments

China is second only to the United States in the scale of its investment in Australia, with interests in increasingly broad sections of the economy. But while Canberra welcomes overseas investment, there has been opposition to the influx of Chinese money. Recent figures from the finance firm KPMG and the University of Sydney show that … Continue reading

Russia Invests $500 Million In Venezuela’s Orinoco Before Oil Hits $200

Russian company Rosneft plans to invest $500 million in the development of oil fields in the Orinoco oil belt in Venezuela. The agreement on additional investment was signed on Friday night, Feb. 19, in the presence of the President of the Bolivarian Republic Nicolas Maduro, Venezolana de Television TV channel said. “According to the law … Continue reading

Global Stocks Continue To Crash As Oil Plummets And Gold Skyrockets

By Michael Snyder Stock markets around the world continue to collapse as this new global financial crisis picks up more steam.  In the U.S., the Dow lost 254 more points on Thursday, and it has now fallen for five days in a row.  European stocks continued to get obliterated, and financial institutions are leading the way.  … Continue reading

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