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Russia And China Continue To Forge Energy Ties

By Ante Batovic The Russian pivot to Asia continues with a $2.2. billion deal between energy giant Gazprom and the Chinese National Bank. The loan will help the Russian natural gas monopolist to finance its large infrastructural projects including the Power of Siberia, Northern and Turkish Stream pipelines. Since the introduction of Western sanctions in 2014, … Continue reading

5 Ways Russia Is Positioning To Dominate The Arctic

By Andrew Poulin As many people across the United States are still digging out of the heavy snow from Winter Storm Jonas/Snowzilla, in another snowy region, substantial preparations are under way. In the Arctic, Russia is making significant advances to advantageously position themselves for the future. Here are the five major actions Russia is taking in the Arctic. … Continue reading

Indonesia’s Energy Profile – Analysis

By EIA Indonesia is reorienting energy production from serving primarily export markets to meeting its growing domestic consumption. Indonesia’s energy industry has faced challenges in recent years from regulatory uncertainty and inadequate investment. Overview Indonesia, with a population of 253 million people in 2014, is the most populous country in Southeast Asia and the fourth … Continue reading

Mexico’s Energy Profile – Analysis

By EIA Mexico is one of the largest producers of petroleum and other liquids in the world, the fourth-largest producer in the Americas after the United States, Canada, and Brazil, and an important partner in U.S. energy trade. In 2014, Mexico accounted for 781,000 b/d, or 11% of U.S. crude oil imports. Mexico’s oil production … Continue reading

The Military Gambit Behind Putin’s Arctic Ambitions For Russian Oil

By James Henderson The United States Geological Survey has estimated that the Arctic regions contain around 130 billion barrels of liquids and 47 trillion cubic metres of gas, equivalent to 22% of the world’s undiscovered hydrocarbon resources. It is hardly surprising then that all the countries whose coasts encircle the region, the US, Canada, Greenland, Norway … Continue reading

China Postpones Deal On Russia’s Alati Gas Pipeline Due To Economic Slowdown

The signing of the gas supply contract with China via the Altai pipeline, known as Power of Siberia 2, is being postponed for an indefinite period, Vedomosti newspaper reports. The Russian news agency cited two federal officials explaining that China is reviewing its energy needs due to the economic slowdown. The move is a significant blow to Russia as back … Continue reading

Hopes High In Pakistan To Solve Energy Crisis With Iran-Pakistan Pipeline, Following Landmark Nuclear Deal

Pakistan is hoping to benefit from a historic nuclear deal that Iran and six major world powers (P5+1) reached on Tuesday, following over a decade of negotiations with an agreement that could transform the Middle East. Pakistan has been struggling with an energy crisis as rolling blackouts for several hours a day are common in its urban and rural areas … Continue reading

India’s Gas Output To Rise 60% By 2019, But Not Enough To Meet Domestic Demand

India’s natural gas output is forecast to increase by about 60 percent by 2019, however this will not be enough to meet domestic demand, according to an annual report published by the oil ministry, The Economic Times reports. Despite the forecast for a 60 percent surge in natural gas output in the next four years, this will only be sufficient … Continue reading

Qatar Reforms Budget Policy, Pushes Back Fiscal Year End

Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al -Thani, issued a law Tuesday on the financial system of the State that will push back the end of fiscal year 2014/2015 for the General State budget to December 31 from March 31, the official Qatar News Agency reports. The new financial system law will also give additional power to the … Continue reading

New EU Energy Union Looks To Break Dependence On Russia

By Alina Yablokova and Global Risk Insights On February 25, the European Commission presented its Energy Union package of proposals, a first major step made by the European legislators to realise the strategy of coordinating the energy policies of the 28 EU member states. Indeed, the European Commission envisages a union that speaks with one voice … Continue reading

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