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U.S. Defence Secretary Sets Stage For Confrontation With China

By Peter Symonds In the lead-up to this weekend’s Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter on Wednesday bluntly declared that the US would continue its military provocations against China in the South China Sea. The Pentagon deliberately inflamed tensions with Beijing last week by allowing a CNN news crew to fly on board a … Continue reading

Why Is China Militarising The South China Sea?

By Dr. Sukjoon Yoon Recent Western reports confirm that China is militarising disputed reefs and shoals in the South China Sea. China will obtain no military benefit from this but will simply acquire some weak naval bases at the cost of antagonising rival claimants. Even as ASEAN nations are responding warmly to China’s “Maritime Silk Road” … Continue reading

China’s Growing Global Military Presence: Walking Softly And Carrying A Small Stick

By Daniel Wagner The alarm bells that are ringing among various governments and in the press with respect to China’s growing global military presence are overdone. Yes, in doing so, China is indeed seeking to expand its global political, as well as its ability to project its military power abroad. As the world’s second largest economy … Continue reading

Russia-China Alliance Challenges U.S.-Designed World Order

Beijing and Moscow have increasingly found common basis in challenging the U.S. and Western dominated order in Europe and Asia. China and Russia are striking a number of deals to strengthen their military, financial and political ties in recent times. Beijing and Moscow have increasingly found common basis in challenging the U.S. and Western dominated order in Europe and Asia. … Continue reading

China’s Challenge In The South China Sea: The Rule of Law

By Daniel Wagner News that the People’s Republic of China is claiming ownership of and enlarging the size of some disputed islands in the South China Sea, and building air strips to enhance its ability to project its air power in the region, has been met with predictable alarm by a variety of countries in the … Continue reading

New Silk Road Project Could Facilitate Resolution Of South China Sea Disputes

China’s 21st Century Maritime New Silk Road project may facilitate the resolution of longstanding maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea, Chinese media suggests. These disputes involve at least six parties, particularly China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Brunei has abandoned its territorial claim in the Spratlys and Malaysia has a relatively minor claim in … Continue reading

Forget Artificial Islands, China Is Building Massive Mobile Island Bases

In China’s push for regional dominance, it is apparently not content with transforming reefs in the South Sea into air strips.  China is now reportedly broadening its naval basing by building massive new floating island bases that will likely be used by the military, according to a report from Popular Science. According to the report, Jidong Development Group … Continue reading

Strategic Moves: Russia, China, And Iran Are In Sync

By Pepe Escobar Over past decades, the pre-fabricated myth of an elusive “Iranian bomb” was never the real issue between the US and Iran; the issue was how to subdue – or “isolate” – a powerful, independent nation that refused to toe the exceptionalist line. Now that the “rehabilitation” of Iran – at least for some … Continue reading

China’s Reclamations Roil South China Sea

By James Borton The South China Sea remains at the epicenter of one of the most volatile maritime areas in the world with little or no agreement on sovereignty claims to ownership of atolls, submerged banks, islands, reefs and rocks. Yet South China Sea fishermen, marine biologists and policy shapers agree that without an end to … Continue reading

A Look At China’s 3 New Advanced Nuclear-Powered Submarines Capable Of Launching Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles

Shipbuilders in China have manufactured three new advanced nuclear-powered attack submarines with vertical launching systems capable of firing supersonic anti-ship missiles, the China Daily reports. Last week, China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasted satellite images which reportedly reveal these three newly manufactured Chinese submarines that were anchored at an unidentified port. According to the report, the new submarines displayed … Continue reading

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