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Is China Massing Troops Along North Korea’s Border?

On Saturday, North Korea test fired a submarine based ballistic missile off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. Though the missile only traveled 19 miles, which has led South Korean officials to deem the test a failure, the test is the most successful to date. The US military tracked a previous submarine launch on … Continue reading

China’s Xi Assumes New Military Title, Aims To Reign Supreme – Analysis

By Xin Lin, RFA Chinese President Xi Jinping has awarded himself a new military title this week—commander-in-chief of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Joint Battle Command—sparking concerns that he is well on the way to a strongman style of leadership unseen in China since the death of supreme leader Deng Xiaoping. Chinese state media showed … Continue reading

Pentagon To Deploy Fleet Of Submarine Drones To Disputed South China Sea Islands

In the latest sign that the U.S. has no intention to back down in the South China Sea, the Pentagon has announced plans to launch underwater drones near the Spratly archipelago. . Over the past year, Washington has expressed outrage over a series of land reclamation projects by Beijing in the South China Sea. In a show of opposition, the Pentagon … Continue reading

The Implosion Of The House Of Saud

By Pepe Escobar The Panama Papers psyops revealed that – ailing – King Salman of Saudi Arabia is among a roast of notorious offshore profiteers “in relation” to “associates”. The House of Saud used British Virgin Islands shell companies to take out at least $34 million in mortgages for lavish houses in London and “a luxury yacht the size … Continue reading

Mexican Congress Lays Legal Foundation For Martial Law

By Neil Hardt A commission of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies voted overwhelmingly on March 29 to approve an amendment to the Mexican Constitution granting the president dictatorial powers to establish a state of emergency and suspend democratic rights. Under the proposed amendment, which will now proceed to a vote in the full chamber, Article … Continue reading

India Reinforces Regional Naval Primacy To Counter Potential Chinese Encirclement

By Robert Shines India has shifted its strategic focus from the army to navy, seeking to counter potential Chinese encirclement and secure maritime energy routes. India has recently emphasized the role that its navy will play in enabling the country to pursue its geopolitical ambitions. The primary driver in India’s naval focus will be to … Continue reading

Military Admits Trillion Dollar F-35 Program Is A Failure

For over a decade the US military has spent $1.5 trillion dollars to create an all-purpose fighter jet that would replace their diverse fleet of warplanes. It’s a project that has been rife with criticism for being grossly over budget and delayed for years, not to mention the fact that the plane is riddled with … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Islamic’ Coalition: Spin Or Substance?

By Frud Bezhan Saudi Arabia made a splash when it announced the formation of a 34-country “Islamic” alliance against terrorism in December — and followed it up with a massive military exercise that ended last week. The mainly Sunni Muslim coalition — which includes regional power and NATO-member Turkey, the region’s most populous state in Egypt, … Continue reading

Russia: A Spoiler Not A Superpower (Transcript By The Daily Vertical)

By Brian Whitmore The Russian media predictably went into overdrive with the chest-thumping this week as the country’s forces returned home from Syria. On his flagship Vesti Nedeli program, the Kremlin’s chief propagandist Dmitry Kiselyev went so far as to call the Russian intervention a “victory of good over evil” that returned Russia to the … Continue reading

The New Silk Roads And The Rise Of The ‘Chinese Dream’

By Pepe Escobar Beijing is advancing a Chinese-led globalization that will challenge U.S. hegemony both regionally and globally. Earlier last week, the first Chinese commercial train, with 32 containers, arrived in Tehran after a less than 14-day journey from the massive warehouse of Yiwu in Zhejiang, eastern China, crossing Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. This is a 10,400 … Continue reading

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