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Russia May Help Launch A Trade Corridor With South And North Korea This Week

By Andrew Korybko, Sputnik News This week’s East Russia Economic Forum in Vladivostok has the chance to bring the two Korea’s closer together with Russia. North and South Korea just barely walked back from the brink of war this week, with both deciding instead to enact concessions to the other and set dates for future talks. Although they have drastically different ideologies … Continue reading

New Silk Road: China And The Economic Integration Of Europe And Asia

By Chas Freeman China’s “The Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road,” or officially called the “one belt, one road” project aims to bring into being a new economic order on the Eurasian landmass. Everything from the Atlantic to the Pacific is to be connected through hyper-efficient infrastructure and new institutional linkages. … Continue reading

A Look At South America’s Future Transcontinental Railway

By Martin De Angelis A recently signed tri-lateral agreement between China, Peru and Brazil set hopes for a bi-oceanic railway corridor. If feasible, the project would significantly reduce trade costs and shipping times to China. On May 23rd, China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang met with Peruvian President Ollanta Humala to sign the implementation of feasibility studies on a bi-oceanic … Continue reading

China Signs $5.5 Billion In Africa Infrastructure Deals

One of the largest railway companies in China, Construction Corp Ltd (CRCC), has inked two construction deals in Africa worth a combined $5.5 billion, highlighting its ability to compete on the international stage. CRCC China-Africa Construction LTD, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CRCC, has signed a $3.51 billion contract to build an intra-city railway in … Continue reading

China’s Next Big Opportunity In Supply-Chain Logistics: Container Shipping By Rail

The transportation of containers by rail could grow substantially in China, particularly if the nation continues to adopt operating practices and regulatory reforms that have boosted the development of the North American rail network, according to a new research paper from The World Bank. Measures that include the ability of rail operators to tailor service offerings that … Continue reading

Russia Says Will Boost Military-Technical Ties With Iran After Sanctions Lifted

Russia says it will boost military-technical cooperation with Iran once international arms embargo on Tehran are lifted following successful talks on the Iranian nuclear deal, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Friday, Sputnik news reports. “Following the cancellation of the arms embargo, this cooperation will be implemented and will grow in time,” Ryabkov told reporters in Moscow, adding that there were prospects for … Continue reading

Cargo Train Linking China And Kazakhstan Begins Service

China has begun a cargo train service that links its eastern port city of Lianyungang in the Jiangsu Province and Kazakhstan’s largest city and its financial hub, Almaty, the Global Times reports. The railway will be a new path for goods from central Asian countries for global shipment and will be a boost to the construction of … Continue reading

Azerbaijan Investing Heavily In Its Railroads With The World Bank Support

Azerbaijan’s railroad supporters say their country is the crucial link between east and west, the missing tie that speeds goods from the east to the markets of the west.  A fast, efficient railroad system is, some experts say, both the key to regional integration and an enormous economic engine—a system that, in the first five … Continue reading

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