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Putin’s Pivot to China: Profit-Free, But Problem-Rich – OpEd

By Pavel K. Baev China will host a huge military parade in Beijing on September 3, and President Vladimir Putin will be in attendance—returning President Xi Jinping’s earlier gesture of Sino-Russian partnership, which the Chinese head of state expressed as the top guest of honor at the parade in Moscow on May 9. Yet, this past … Continue reading

Scandal Threatens Abe And Japan’s Political Stability

By Brad Glosserman The greatest threat to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ambitious agenda is political instability in Tokyo. The spectre of such instability is re-emerging after a remarkable period of quiet as cabinet ministers in Abe’s government are being tarred with political funding scandals. Individually, the offences are insignificant. But, cumulatively, they … Continue reading

Shinzo Abe’s Middle East Ambition

By Kai Schulze After his victory in the December 2014 elections, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged to turn Japan into ‘one of the greatest powers in the world’ by implementing the new foreign policy approach of ‘proactive pacifism’. Abe is seeking to foster Japanese international engagement, which will increasingly reach beyond the regional … Continue reading

A New Rise Of Japan? – OpEd

Japan is trying to increase its influence by reinventing itself in the areas of foreign policy, security and economics and by repositioning itself in the global order. However, while it is observed that the country’s foreign and security policies are going through a tough test, it also would be difficult to say that developments in … Continue reading

2015 Predictions For East Asia

It looks set to be another year of repetitive, uninspiring status quo. By Robert E. Kelly Last month I suggested a list of the biggest issues in Asian security of the previous year (as well as a look back at big U.S. foreign policy events in the region). This month I thought I would look … Continue reading

Disaster Risk Reduction And Resilience As Structural Reform In Abenomics

By Andrew DeWit In the waning days of 2014, by far the hottest year humans have ever measured,1 Bloomberg News warned that the foreign investors who control roughly 70% of volume traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange “have had just about enough of Abenomics.” Decrying that there is no Japanese Facebook or Google, and that … Continue reading

2014’s Watershed Events – OpEd

History will mark 2014 as the year of shifting global alliances and the beginning of the end of America’s self-styled unipolar dominance under the rubric of the “New American Century”. The corporate media is largely using the same “bucket list” of 2014’s most memorable events but the relative overall importance of these news stories are … Continue reading

Global Financial Markets Facing Instability In 2015

By Nick Beams World financial markets enter 2015 with a series of potential triggers for the eruption of instability and turbulence. The year has ended with Greece back in the spotlight following the calling of an early general election after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras failed in his third attempt to win parliamentary backing for his … Continue reading

Russia, Japan Likely To Cooperate In Creating Eurasian Economic Corridor

Russia and Japan have perfect chances to take their cooperation in eastern Siberia and the Far East to a new level in 2015 if they set up the so-called Eurasian corridor, MP Yukio Hatoyama, an important figure in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said in an interview with TASS on Tuesday. “This concept is very … Continue reading

Japan: The Political Landscape After The Elections

By Vladimir Terehov The latest early elections in Japan for the lower house of Japan’s parliament has ended with the crushing victory of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which, together with its “junior partner” in the parliamentary coalition – New Komeito Party (NFP) – has managed to security the majority. Out of a total of 475 … Continue reading

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