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Vietnamese Government Announces Reform Push To Improve Business Environment, Economy

The Vietnamese government on Friday announced a reform push that it said is focused on improving the nation’s business environment, strengthening its business competitiveness, and improving its economy over the next two years in an effort to better compete against regional peers, Vietnam’s national radio broadcaster reports. Among a number of proposals by the government include reforms that would cut time-consuming … Continue reading

How China Can Avoid The Middle Income Trap

By Derek Scissors As China appears to be flirting with the middle income trap, the old development model is becoming increasingly unworkable. In its place, the ‘new normal’ is emerging as a valuable notion. But to work it needs increased corporate competition, integrated labour markets, sharper land rights for farmers, and much less debt accumulation. … Continue reading

China Sets 2015 GDP Target At “About 7%”, Announces Raft Of Proposals To Support Economy

China has lowered its economic growth forecast to “about 7 percent” in 2015 at the opening of its annual meeting of parliament, the National People’s Congress — the nation’s biggest yearly political event — which started on Thursday and generally lasts about 10 days. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday that China will set its official 2015 economic growth target, or gross domestic product … Continue reading

Indonesia’s Bold 2015 Budget Strategy

By David Nellor No more ‘business-as-usual’ is the Jokowi government’s message in the 2015 budget. Fuel subsidies have been cut, infrastructure spending is to be ramped up, and revenues are projected to rise dramatically. These three steps deliver a 1.9 per cent fiscal deficit, down from 2.2 per cent in 2014. This leaves space for … Continue reading

China May Create Its Own ‘ExxonMobil’ With Merger Of State-Owned Oil Companies

China is reportedly considering ways to merge its state-owned oil companies to better compete globally as oil prices fall and its economy slows. The Chinese government has decided to combine the China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) and its main domestic rival China Petrochemical Corp. (Sinopec) as well as other major energy companies – China National … Continue reading

Foreigners Investors Bullish On Vietnam, But Want Economic Reforms

By Lien Hoang Foreign investors are optimistic about Vietnam’s economy, along with others in Asia, but have asked the government to complete its promised overhaul of banks and state firms. Investment is pouring into the country as everything from inflation to currency stabilizes, while strong trade is set for an even better outlook. January 1 … Continue reading

The New Normal Of Chinese Growth

By Wang Yong The Chinese economy is widely perceived to have entered a ‘new normal’ — annual GDP growth has slowed to between 7 per cent and 7.5 per cent from the double-digit levels of previous years. This was something that policymakers expected: an inevitable result of economic restructuring. Following the global financial crisis of … Continue reading

Reforms In Asia Bring Big Potential For Small Companies

By Mark Mobius Templeton Emerging Markets Group At Templeton Emerging Markets Group, we believe Asia’s combination of rapid economic growth, generally strong national finances and economic fundamentals has created an attractive landscape for equity investors. Seismic changes have been taking place in Asia’s political arena over the past couple of years, including major elections, leadership … Continue reading

China And The Final Frontier Of Financial Reform

By Yiping Huang – Peking University; Ran Li – Peking University; and Bijun Wang – CASS In late 2013 the Chinese authorities put together a reform agenda for the financial sector, focusing on reducing entry barriers, liberalising market mechanisms and improving financial regulation. This could be the final frontier of China’s financial reform, which — according to the plan — should … Continue reading

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Wants Investors To Bet On Pakistan — And Feel Safe Doing So

By Nikkei Asian Review Pakistan’s government has its hands full. The cabinet of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, formed in June 2013, is simultaneously attempting to spark economic growth, privatize state-owned companies, resolve energy shortages and deal with extremists within and around the nation’s borders. As Finance Minister Ishaq Dar made clear in two wide-ranging conversations with … Continue reading

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