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Uganda Isn’t The Problem In The Kenyan Sugar Row

The headlines have been full of the sugar row unfolding across Kenya. Why is Kenya importing sugar from Uganda? Should the sugar industry be protected? What about the livelihood of sugar farmers? Sadly this issue has been politicised and muddied what the focus of the conversation ought to be. So let’s deal with a few … Continue reading

A Chinese Company Is Building A Railway Through Nairobi’s National Wildlife Sanctuary

Originally posted on Quartz:
A Chinese-funded multi-billion dollar rail link between Kenya’s capital and the port city of Mombasa will cut through Nairobi’s national park for wildlife, according to officials. After months of back and forth, officials agreed late last week to allow 11km of track to pass through Nairobi National Park, a 117 square kilometer (45 square-mile)…

How Green Energy Will Change Africa

By Christine Mungai In 1977, the average price of generating energy from sunshine was $76.67 a watt. Today, the price has dropped to just $0.60 a watt. It’s a stunning 99.2% drop in 38 years, and solar energy is soon going to reach “grid parity” all over the world – the point where it is cheaper, or at … Continue reading

Building A Monetary Union In Africa

It’s like the European Union but for East Africa. By iMFdirect In this podcast by the IMF, find out how Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi stand to benefit from the creation of the East African Community*.  There will be a common currency as well as more trade and investment too.  Will a union also expose them … Continue reading

Lead From Behind: How Unipolarity Is Adapting To Multipolarity – OpEd

The U.S. is constructing a global system of bilateral and multilateral alliances to assist it in more efficiently projecting power throughout the 21st century. As the world moves towards multipolarity, the U.S. is prepared to exploit this trend to its geopolitical advantage. . By Sputnik News, Andrew Korybko Instead of ‘going it alone’ as Bush was prone … Continue reading

A Big Step Forward for Bolstering Financial Inclusion – IMF

By David Marston, Era Dabla-Norris, and D. Filiz Unsal Economists are paying increasing attention to the link between financial inclusion—greater availability of and access to financial services—and economic development. In a new paper, we take a closer look at exactly how financial inclusion impacts a country’s economy and what policies are most effective in promoting … Continue reading

Oil Prices And The Impact On African Economies

Impact of the decline in oil revenue prompts austerity measures in high producing states. . By Abayomi Azikiwe Editor, Pan-African News Wire During 2014 many western-based financial publications declared that the Federal Republic of Nigeria had surpassed the Republic of South Africa as the largest economy on the continent. Nigeria relies heavily on oil exports … Continue reading

Can African Mobile Tech Innovation Transform American Business?

Often, innovation and technology are viewed by many as a one way transfer, from the developed to the developing world. Yet, African innovators are forcing us to give pause to this notion. Even their governments are innovating Here at Emerging Frontiers, registering our business involved a process that required us to fill out paperwork, consult … Continue reading

Institutions Pledge $8 Billion To The 8 Nations Of The Horn Of Africa To Boost Development, Economic Growth

Leaders of global and regional institutions including the World Bank, African Development Bank, European Union, Intergovernmental Agency for Development (IGAD), Islamic Development Bank Group, and African Union Commission have pledged more than $8 billion on Monday to boost economic growth and development in addition to reducing poverty in the eight countries that make up the … Continue reading

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