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Gridlocked Vietnam Looks To Subways To Ease Motorbike Dependence​

By Lien Hoang With every new skyscraper and supermarket, Vietnam inches closer to its official goal of becoming a modern nation. But it still lacks one type of transportation that many countries of the world take for granted: a subway system. After years of delays and debates, Vietnam now seems committed to a subway, with construction … Continue reading

Yuan Contagion: Vietnam’s Central Bank Devalues Currency For Third Time In 2015

Vietnam’s Central bank has devalued the nation’s currency on Wednesday for the third time this year and widened the its trading band, in the latest sign of stress in Asian exchange rates following a move last week by China to devalue its currency. The State Bank of Vietnam weakened its currency reference rate by 1 percent and increased the … Continue reading

Currency War Heats Up As China Devalues Yuan For Second Day In A Row

China’s Central Bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), has further devalued the yuan on Wednesday — following a surprise “one-time devaluation” announced by the Central Bank on Tuesday — which is heating up what appears to be a currency war and is thus rattling markets — sending stocks, currencies, and commodities tumbling for a second day in a row. … Continue reading

Why Vietnam Needs To Bring Down Its Currency To Improve Competitiveness

By Chu Nguyen The appreciation of the Vietnamese dong, coupled with characteristics specific to Vietnam’s transitional economy, leaves the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) with difficult choices in conducting monetary policy. Luckily, the SBV retains adequate fiscal flexibility to respond to this pressure through its exchange rate policy. Vietnam has, for several decades, pegged the dong to … Continue reading

With Eyes On MSCI Upgrade To EM: Vietnam Stocks, ETF’s May Be Set For Revival As Ownership Limits Lifted

As Vietnam eyes an upgrade from frontier market status to emerging market status by MSCI, the nation has eased curbs on foreign ownership in an effort to boost inflows to the nation’s stocks, Bloomberg reports on Sunday. Foreign investors can now increase holdings to 100 percent from 49 percent starting in September in “a number” of industries, according … Continue reading

Russia To Propose Using National Currencies With Vietnam For Mutual Settlements, PM Says

Russia will propose to Vietnam the use of their national currencies for mutual settlements, primarily in trade and investment, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said during an interview with Vietnam’s national radio broadcaster Voice of Vietnam on Sunday. According to the Russian PM, Russia and Vietnam could easily make the switch to their national currencies – the … Continue reading

Vietnamese Government Announces Reform Push To Improve Business Environment, Economy

The Vietnamese government on Friday announced a reform push that it said is focused on improving the nation’s business environment, strengthening its business competitiveness, and improving its economy over the next two years in an effort to better compete against regional peers, Vietnam’s national radio broadcaster reports. Among a number of proposals by the government include reforms that would cut time-consuming … Continue reading

Vietnam Banking System Overhaul May Push Weak Banks Into Bankruptcy

Vietnam will intensify its multi-year efforts to clean up and overhaul its banking system – which has struggled over the years with non-performing loans (NPLs) – by pushing for bank mergers and forcing weaker banks into bankruptcy. The State Bank of Vietnam, the nation’s central bank, said that it will increase measures to “drastically” deal … Continue reading

Vietnam’s Leaders Look To Consolidate Gains In 2015

By Thomas Jandl For Vietnam’s leadership, 2014 was another year of growing into a role as an increasingly active international player, both diplomatically and economically. Two events — the Haiyang 981 oilrig incident and TPP accession negotiations — gave Vietnam a place in the spotlight and shed light on a continued path for 2015. Vietnamese … Continue reading

Vietnam Set To Pass Law Revision To Attract More Investment

Vietnam’s National Assembly is set to pass a revised Investment Law this month as the nation looks to improve business climate by creating a clear, open, and transparent environment for investors, according to a report on Friday from Vietnamese state-run news agency Việt Nam News. Vietnam’s Deputy Director of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s … Continue reading

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