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How Can Nigeria Reach Its Full Potential?

By Ademola Adenle Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari must make science and technology a priority if the populous West African country hopes to flex its economic muscle. Buhari can achieve these goals by expanding the country’s economy and making it more globally competitive. An important step is to address the damage done to Nigerian science, technology and … Continue reading

U.S. Imperialism And Militarism Breeds Instability In Africa – OpEd

By Abayomi Azikiwe An escalation in violence in Libya has prompted the call from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for military intervention by the “international community.”  Such an appeal suggests that the Egyptian leader, who staged a military coup against the former President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013, is requesting a renewed imperialist-led campaign in … Continue reading

Sierra Leone: 30 Percent Of Ebola Aid Funds Vanished

The auditor of Sierra Leone noted that the country can’t explain how 30 percent of Ebola funds were spent and there is no documentation to support $3.3 million of contracts. The amount does not include grants or loans from international organizations Bloomberg said. “Monies that have been set aside for the purpose of combating the Ebola outbreak … Continue reading

Ebola In Africa: IMF Grants $100 Million To Guinea, Liberia And Sierra Leone

The International Monetary Fund has granted Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone debt relief of about $100 million in total. The IMF additionally offered the nations $160 million in zero-interest loans. “Those three countries are going through a very, very dramatic ordeal that combines pandemics, the risk of isolation” told Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director. The … Continue reading

Africa’s Airspace Still An Open Question

By Anita Powell Many topics are up in the air at this year’s African Union summit among them, literally: air. For nearly three decades, African aviation officials have tried, and failed, to get the continental body to implement an agreement to make the entire continent one connected, free airspace for civilian aircraft. Proponents say that enacting … Continue reading

Lead From Behind: How Unipolarity Is Adapting To Multipolarity – OpEd

The U.S. is constructing a global system of bilateral and multilateral alliances to assist it in more efficiently projecting power throughout the 21st century. As the world moves towards multipolarity, the U.S. is prepared to exploit this trend to its geopolitical advantage. . By Sputnik News, Andrew Korybko Instead of ‘going it alone’ as Bush was prone … Continue reading

Russian Aggression And The BBC’s Drums Of Nuclear War – OpEd

By Oliver Tickell “Russian aggression” is the BBC’s meme of the day. I lost count of how many times the phrase popped up in the first 15 minutes of Radio 4’s World at One programme, devoted entirely to the ‘Russian problem – but the theme was drummed in relentlessly. The idea is that Russia presents a … Continue reading

West Africa: The Approbation Of A New World Order – OpEd

By Alexander Mezyaev The number of conflicts in Africa continues to grow, with more and more new countries getting drawn into them. The situation in West Africa is particularly grave; this part of the continent is being threatened with total destabilization.  The armed conflict in Mali is still going on, where, at the start of 2015, … Continue reading

Sierra Leone Cancels Christmas And New Year Celebrations Amid Ebola Crisis

Sierra Leone has banned any public celebrations of Christmas and the New Year over the spread of the Ebola virus that has affected thousands of the population. The military will strictly monitor the ban. Christmas is canceled in Sierra Leone, West Africa, authorities in the country announced on Friday. Instead of Santas, the army will … Continue reading

Africa Needs An Industrial Revolution

Techcabal‘s Bankole Oluwafemi writes that schools across the continent need to introduce a greater “maker culture” to help develop Africa’s industrial development – and to help the technology scene throughout the continent achieve its full potential. I attended the Intel Developer Forum in September. Visiting the Mecca of Tech for the first time was great. … Continue reading

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