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Iran Planning Gas Delivery To EU Once Sanctions Lifted : 5-6 Routes On The Radar Screen

Tehran is considering several gas delivery routes to Europe after Western sanctions on the country are lifted,” RT reports.

Iran Gas

“Iran is considering several routes to deliver gas to Europe, possibly around five or six routes,” Azizollah Ramezani, head of the National Iranian Gas Company’s liaison office told RIA Novosti news agency on Wednesday.

According to Ramezani, the routes could go via the following destinations:

  1. Turkey,
  2. the Black Sea,
  3. Iraq,
  4. Syria,
  5. the Mediterranean Sea.

“But these routes need to be studied according to norms, and [we need to] study the economic cost efficiency to choose the best route. The study has started because research may be carried out at any time regardless of sanctions, but this depends on the client: Europe. Europe is expecting sanctions to be lifted and then they will start negotiations, and after that they can sign an agreement with Iran,” Ramezani said.

The Iranian official also expressed interest in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project. He said the following: “This is possible. There haven’t been any negotiations on this yet, but it could be a good idea to begin talks because this point, where the Russian pipeline and the Turkish pipeline go to Europe, may also be a point where Iranian gas pipelines may be reached by Europe.”

On a separate note, Turkey is pushing for Iran to switch to use local currencies in bilateral trade and ditch the euro and the U.S. dollar in the latest effort amongst emerging market nations to further de-dollarization.

Also a month ago, we reported that China would build a natural gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan to help address Pakistan’s severe energy shortage, The Wall Street Journal reported on April 9th.

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