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How Peru’s Drug Trade Is Threatening Its Economic Growth

By Neil Pyper Peru has been hailed an emerging market success story, with more than a decade of GDP growth in excess of 6%. While booming mining exports have been the overwhelming driver of this, the shopping malls and SUVs in Lima and other major cities are evidence that domestic demand has also been buoyant. … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: 100 Executions In 6 Months

“Saudi Arabia has beheaded a Syrian drug trafficker, rocketing the number of this year’s executions in the Kingdom to 100. This figure is already more than the 87 sentenced and put to death in the country during the whole of last year,” RT reports. The execution took place on Monday in the northern region of … Continue reading

Turkey Seizes Bank Asya In New Crackdown On Gulen Movement

By David O’Byrne Turkish banking officials have seized control of Bank Asya, an Islamic bank believed to be controlled by supporters of US-based Turkish cleric Fetullah Gulen, while on the same day Turkey’s foreign ministry confirmed that Gulen’s Turkish passport had been cancelled. Turkey’s banking regulator, the BDDK, announced in a statement issued late on February … Continue reading

Venezuela: A Coup In Real Time – OpEd

By Eva Golinger There is a coup underway in Venezuela. The pieces are all falling into place like a bad CIA movie. At every turn a new traitor is revealed, a betrayal is born, full of promises to reveal the smoking gun that will justify the unjustifiable. Infiltrations are rampant, rumors spread like wildfire, and … Continue reading

Draft Of Arrest Warrant For Argentine President Found In Apartment Of Dead Prosecutor

A draft warrant for the arrest of Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been found at the apartment of Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor found dead one day before testifying against Kirchner’s alleged role in covering up a deadly bombing. News of the draft’s existence was first reported by the Argentinian newspaper El Clarin, which … Continue reading

Venezuela: Headed For Reform Or Revolt?

By Oliver Sheldon Venezuela is in recession and experiencing one of the highest rates of inflation in the world. Its economy contracted by 2.8 percent in 2014, with inflation now running at 64 percent. World oil prices have fallen to below $50 a barrel, with Venezuela hit especially hard due to the lower price its … Continue reading

What Role Can Tourism Play In Colombia’s Post-Conflict Future?

By Adil Khan Since 2012 the Colombian State and FARC representatives have been engaged in peace negotiations as the country seeks to emerge from five decades of civil strife. Should these talks finally wield a peaceful resolution, which area of development will Colombia next dedicate resources to, in order to further social and economic growth? … Continue reading

Developing Countries Lose $2 For Every $1 They Earn

For every dollar that developing countries have earned since 2008, they have lost $2, which proves that the global financial system is failing poorer nations, writes Jesse Griffiths. By Jesse Griffiths The European Network on Debt and Development After six months crunching all the best data from international institutions, here’s what we found; for every dollar developing countries have … Continue reading

$6.6 Trillion Stolen From Developing World From 2003-2012, BRICS Tops List: GFI

By Global Financial Integrity (GFI) Illicit Flows from Developing & Emerging Countries Growing at 9.4% per Year. US$6.6 Trillion Stolen from Developing World from 2003-2012; Trade Misinvoicing Responsible for 77.8% of Illicit Outflows. China, Russia, Mexico, India, Malaysia—in Declining Order—Are Biggest Exporters of Illicit Capital over Decade; Sub-Saharan Africa Still Suffers Biggest Illicit Outflows as … Continue reading

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