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Emerging Markets: Preview Of The Week Ahead

By Marc Chandler, Marc to Market Blog (from my colleagues Dr. Win Thin and Ilan Solot) Positive momentum for EM assets looks to extend its moves from last week. EM sentiment is being buoyed by gains in developed markets equity indices, the weaker dollar more broadly, and gains in the commodity space.  Regarding the latter, we note that … Continue reading

NATO To Evaluate Nuclear Threats From Russia

Originally posted on Peace and Freedom:
NATO Defense ministers meeting in Brussels face renewed vocal threats from an assertive Kremlin A Russian Yars RS-24 intercontinental ballistic-missile system drives during the Victory Day military parade in Moscow on May 9, 2015. Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week he’s adding 40 inter-continental ballistic missiles to Russia’s arsenal.…

Kaliningrad, Moscow’s Military Trump Card

Russia is pouring troops and weapons — including missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads — into its western exclave of Kaliningrad at such a rate that the region is now one of Europe’s most militarized places. By Tony Wesolowsky A NATO official, writing to RFE/RL on condition of anonymity, said that Moscow is stationing “thousands … Continue reading

Eastern Europe: NATO Spearhead Force Deployed For First Time With Capacity Of 4k To Be Gradually Increased To 40k Troops

“NATO’s new high-readiness ‘Spearhead’ force has been deployed for the first time,” Forces TV reports. “More than 2,000 soldiers from nine member states are taking part in exercises in north-west Poland. It comes as NATO head Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance will approve plans this week to more than double the size of its rapid response … Continue reading

See NATO’s Massive Training Exercises In Eastern Europe

Moscow’s “blacklist” of European political figures who now will be denied entrance to the Russian Federation suggests that in the view of the Kremlin, Poland is Russia’s “most dangerous opponent” in Europe, EMerging Equity reported on June 4. On June 2, Poland’s defence minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, told Sky News his country was facing its greatest security crisis … Continue reading

NATO’s Black Sea Bloc: Spreading The “New Cold War” Beyond Eastern Europe Into New Theaters

By Andrew Korybko NATO’s Black Sea bloc gets busy (I), Via Oriental Review The shaky truce in Ukraine has given NATO ample opportunities to spread the New Cold War beyond Eastern Europe and into new theaters, one of which has been the greater Black Sea region. The recent destabilizations in Macedonia and Moldova that endanger Russian … Continue reading

Poland: Russia’s Most Dangerous Opponent In Europe

“Moscow’s “blacklist” of European political figures who now will be denied entrance to the Russian Federation suggests that in the view of the Kremlin, Poland is Russia’s “most dangerous opponent” in Europe ,” according to Andrey Illarionov,” Euromaidan Press reports. The blacklist was revealed by Russia to European diplomats last week. It included past and … Continue reading

Poland Modernizing Its Military Equipment As Russia May Expand Its Ambitions Beyond The Crimea Annexation

“Poland’s defence minister has told Sky News his country is facing its greatest security crisis since the end of the Cold War,” the news agency reports. Speaking from the ministry of defence in Warsaw, Tomasz ‎Siemoniak said they must be prepared for the situation to deteriorate further, and for Russia to expand its ambitions beyond the … Continue reading

Russians Can Learn From Polish Dissatisfaction – OpEd

To say that Poland’s recently concluded presidential election, in which Andrzej Duda of the Law and Justice party triumphed over the incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski of Civic Platform, was a “surprise” would be a pretty significant understatement. By Mark Adomanis I read quite a few of the pre-election forecasts in various Western magazines and newspapers and I can’t recall a single one that gave Duda even a remote chance of winning. Komorowski’s … Continue reading

Pepe Escobar: Eurasian Emporium Or Nuclear War?

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times A high-level European diplomatic source has confirmed to Asia Times that German chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has vigorously approached Beijing in an effort to disrupt its multi-front strategic partnership with Russia. Beijing won’t necessarily listen to this political gesture from Berlin, as China is tuning the strings on its pan-Eurasian New … Continue reading

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