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Russia May Help Launch A Trade Corridor With South And North Korea This Week

By Andrew Korybko, Sputnik News This week’s East Russia Economic Forum in Vladivostok has the chance to bring the two Korea’s closer together with Russia. North and South Korea just barely walked back from the brink of war this week, with both deciding instead to enact concessions to the other and set dates for future talks. Although they have drastically different ideologies … Continue reading

Russia’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Sees Contracts Worth $5.4 Billion

The number of contracts signed during the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg in Russia completely refutes the picture of Russia’s economic isolation as 205 deals estimated at $5.4 billion were signed.  Let’s look at the numbers closer to get a better overview of the forum. 2015 205 contracts valued at around $5.4 billion vs. 2014 … Continue reading

Russia: New Rocket Angara-A5V To Be Built, Assembled And Tested In Siberia

“Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has visited the plant where parts for the new generation space rocket will be manufactured,” The Siberian Times reported earlier this week. According to the news agency, last month Rogozin: “announced the Angara-A5V* would be built, assembled and tested in Siberia, with Omsk chosen as the location for almost all … Continue reading

Russian Oil: First Winter Shipment Heads To Europe Through The New Northern Sea Route Across The Frozen Arctic

“History has been made after the first winter oil shipment from Russia over the roof of the world left for Europe. The 16,000 tonnes of Novy Port oil set off from Yamal on board tankers that will be the first to navigate through the new Northern Sea Route across the Arctic” The Siberian Times reported. … Continue reading

Russia-China Trade Exceeds $95 Billion In 2014

The Russian-Chinese trade turnover grew 6.8% to $95.28 billion in 2014, the Chinese customs department reported on Tuesday. As compared to the previous year, imports of Russian goods to China increased 4.9% to $41.6 billion, and Chinese exports to Russia grew 8.2% to $53.68 billion. Despite the weakening ruble, the positive trend of Russian-Chinese trade … Continue reading

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