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2015: Russia’s Year Of Ruling Dangerously

By Mark Galeotti Contrary to some Western hopes and the more feverish rumors within the Moscow intelligentsia, there is no imminent threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, his rule is strong but brittle, and a combination of systemic pressures are eating away at the regime’s social, economic, political and geopolitical reserves. This will leave the … Continue reading

2014: The Year That U.S.-Led Capitalism Exposed As Root Of Global Conflict – OpEd

By Finian Cunningham Historians may look back on 2014 as a defining watershed in geopolitical events, the year when the limit of American power was exposed as a waning entity and the contemporary root of global conflict. It was the centennial anniversary of the First World War when Great Powers back then were similarly exposed in … Continue reading

Power Struggles Inside The Kremlin – OpEd

A behind-the-scenes look at power struggles inside the Kremlin reveals potential scenarios for the future. And a possible new president… . By Vladimir Pribylovsky Russia’s ruling structure bears the marks of authoritarianism, oligarchy, and three different presidents. Under Boris Yeltsin, rapacious despotism at the centre was accompanied by anarchical cooperatives of regional oligarchs. But Yeltsin’s rule … Continue reading

2014: Two Events That Shook The World

By Melkulangara Bhadrakumar The year 2014 has been a sensational year. It is the year that some hasten to bookmark as the year World War III began unobtrusively, stealthily, inexorably – involving as-yet indeterminate contestants. The tumultuous arrival of the Islamic Caliphate spearheaded by the Islamic State, the outbreak of the Ebola virus, kidnapping of … Continue reading

Moscow To Supply Coal, Electricity To Ukraine Without Prepayment

Russia will supply coal and electricity to Ukraine without prepayment, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said. Ukraine is trying to cope with energy problems amid an ongoing crisis in the industrial east. This proves the president’s political goodwill and support, “particularly before New Year,” said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday, as quoted by TASS. “Against all … Continue reading

Sanctioned: Visa, MasterCard Suspend Servicing Russian Banks in Crimea

MasterCard and Visa have suspended service for Russian banks in Crimea, saying the decision complies with US sanctions. “According to the US sanctions imposed against Crimea on December 19, 2014, Visa currently cannot provide services and offer their products in the Crimea. This means that we can no longer issue or accept bank cards in … Continue reading

Ukraine Re-Introduces Mandatory Military Draft, 18 Month Service

Ukraine has announced that men between the ages of 20 and 27 would be called up for 18 months of military service starting next spring, the secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, Aleksander Turchynov, said at a meeting of security officials. The official argued that being practically at a “state of war,”serving in … Continue reading

Eastern Ukraine: A Dangerous Winter

By The International Crisis Group Winter in Ukraine is injecting further uncertainty into an already volatile conflict. Concerns are increasing about the strong risk of a humanitarian crisis in the south-eastern separatist-held areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. The separatists have a rudimentary administrative structure, few competent administrators, ill-trained militias and little in the way of a … Continue reading

EU Adopts New Crimea Sanctions As Summit Weighs Crisis

The European Union on December 18 agreed to new sanctions against Moscow-annexed Crimea as EU leaders prepared to discuss a “tough and responsible” strategy toward Russia following its involvement in Ukraine. The new measures ban all investment in Crimea and cruise ships from its ports as further punishment for Russia’s annexation of the region from … Continue reading

Poland: ‘Unprecedented’ Russian Action In Baltic Region

Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak has said Russia’s military is engaging in an unprecedented amount of activity around the Baltic Sea. “Over the past few days we have seen unprecedented activity by the Russians in the Baltic Sea, both the Baltic fleet and Russian aircraft,” Siemoniak told Polish broadcaster TVN24. The minister said that Poland, … Continue reading

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