Greek Crisis

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Greece Threatened With Pain As New Hedge Fund Trade Emerges

As press reports emerge that Yanis Varoufakis was encouraged to resign his post as Greek finance minister due to his statement saying a “parallel currency was an option,” bank reports paint a picture of pain ahead for Greece. But amid the fury a potential replacement for the often outspoken Greek finance leader could be emerging: … Continue reading

Wall Streeet Pro: Buy Greek-Inspired Dip, Just Not Yet

Originally posted on America's Markets:
An elderly woman waves the national Greek flag as she joins supporters of the Syriza party and of the ‘No’ vote campaign, gathering after results of the referendum in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens, Greece, 05 July 2015. Greek voters resoundingly rejected bailout terms in Sunday’s referendum.…

Paul Krugman at NYT: Ending Greece’s Bleeding

Originally posted on lindsayonvietnam:
Paul Krugman: “The truth is that Europe’s self-styled technocrats are like medieval doctors who insisted on bleeding their patients — and when their treatment made the patients sicker, demanded even more bleeding. A “yes” vote in Greece would have condemned the country to years more of suffering under policies that haven’t…

Greece Votes NO – Let The Chaos Begin…

The result of the referendum in Greece is a great victory for freedom, but it is also threatens to unleash unprecedented economic chaos all across Europe. By Michael Snyder With almost all of the votes counted, it is being reported that approximately 61 percent of Greeks have voted “no” and only about 39 percent of Greeks … Continue reading

Jim Rogers: Greece Should Go Ahead And Go Bankrupt, Get It Over With, And Start Over

Though there is a lot of noise concerning the Greek crisis and the Greek economy is likely going to collapse this week, three months from now no one will remember Greece going bankrupt, financial commentator Jim Rogers told RT. RT: In Athens crowds have rallied calling for people to vote ‘no’ in the upcoming referendum … Continue reading

And So It Begins – Greek Banks Get Shut Down For A Week And A ‘Grexit’ Is Now Probable

Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?  For years, European officials have been trying to “fix Greece”, but nothing has worked.  Now a worst case scenario is rapidly unfolding, and a “Grexit” has become more likely than not.  By Michael Snyder On Sunday, the European Central Bank announced that it was not … Continue reading

Greek Crisis Deepens As Govt Introduces Capital Controls; Banks, Athens Exchange Said To Be Closed For The Week

The crisis in Greece is deepening as the government announced that it will roll out capital controls in addition to closing its banks and the Athens Stock Exchange on Monday after creditors refused to extend the country’s bailout and savers flock to ATM’s to withdraw cash, Reuters reports. Athens’ standoff with the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) heads to a dangerous … Continue reading

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