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The Real Story On Iran, U.S., Russia, And China – OpEd

By Pepe Escobar, Sputnik News The real story is, and will continue to be, how Iran, the key power in Southwest Asia, is about to be positioned in the nonstop complex ballet between the US, Russia and China. That’s one of the key vectors of the New Great Game in Eurasia. The real story was never … Continue reading

Oil Plunge To $20 Could Be On The Horizon, Citigroup Warns

A recent surge in the price of oil is simply a “head-fake,” and oil as cheap as $20 a barrel could be around the corner in 2015, according to report from Citigroup that was released on Monday. In Citigroup’s report, Edward Morse – the firm’s global head of commodity research – said that Brazil and Russia are … Continue reading

China Faces Challenges To Meet Shale Gas Goals

By Michael Lelyveld As China struggles to meet its goals for shale gas development, there are signs that the government will face pressure to subsidize the costs, perhaps for years. The industry came close to meeting the government’s target for extracting natural gas from shale rock formations last year, producing 1.3 billion cubic meters (bcm) … Continue reading

Chevron Hammers Another Nail Into Polish Shale Gas Coffin

By Tim Gosling in Prague BNE Chevron announced on January 31 that it is to quit its hunt for Polish shale gas. The last but one energy major to traipse out of the country, the US giant looks to have put the final nail in the coffin of Warsaw’s dreams of leveraging its shale reserves to … Continue reading

The Saudis: Oil, ISIS, And Revolution

Loretta Napoleoni: Little will change after death of King Abdullah, but the Saudis cannot sustain low oil prices for much longer; they have lost control of ISIS; and their big fear is revolution. . Video: An interview with Loretta Napoleoni, an Italian journalist and political analyst whom is an expert on the financing of terrorism and is known … Continue reading

Plunging Oil Prices Force Oil Majors To Cut Billions In Spending

The world’s leading oil companies are reported to be planning a $28 billion cut in capital spending by 2017 to keep debt at a sustainable level at a time when oil prices continue to fall. Investment in exploration and development of oil and gas fields could drop by 20 percent by 2017 compared to last … Continue reading

Alaska’s Budget Sinks As Oil Continues Dramatic Fall

The state of Alaska is one of the hardest hit in the US by the slump in oil prices, as 87 percent of its budget is sourced from the development of mineral resources. The state’s budget deficit is expected to reach $3.5 billion in 2015. The cost of a barrel of oil in Alaska has … Continue reading

Oil Needs To Stay At $40 To Curb US Shale Boom – Goldman Sachs

Oil prices hit new lows on Monday as Goldman Sachs halved its forecast for 2015 to $42 a barrel. The bank says low prices could curtail a number of shale projects, mostly in the US, cutting oversupply, and contributing to further price stabilization. Goldman reduced its six month WTI predictions to $39 a barrel from … Continue reading

Ruble, Oil, Shale Gas, Derivatives, And “American Hegemony” – OpEd

By Federico Pieraccini There are two central issues related to the devaluation of the ruble and the dollar appreciation to keep in mind: the preservation of “American hegemony” and the speculative bubble of derivatives linked to the Shale Gas industry. Without these elements, it is impossible to understand what are the reasons and the consequences of … Continue reading

Even If Oil Should Fall To $40, UAE Energy Minister Sees No OPEC Cut

The Energy Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) believes that OPEC (The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) will continue to stand by its decision not to cut oil output, even if the price of oil should fall to as low as $40 per barrel.  In addition, OPEC will wait at least three months before … Continue reading

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