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China Is Pivoting …Everywhere

By Pepe Escobar The world’s leading economy is on a roll as it enters a new year in the Chinese zodiac. Welcome to the Year of the Sheep. Or Goat. Or Ram. Or, technically, the Green Wooden Sheep (or Goat). Even the best Chinese linguists can’t agree on how to translate it into English. Who cares? … Continue reading

Nicaragua Canal To Strengthen BRICS, Undermine U.S.

The Nicaragua Canal project undermines the US influence in Latin America and its control over the transoceanic routes, facilitating strengthening the role of BRICS, notably China and Russia in the region. . By Ekaterina Blinova, Sputnik News The Nicaragua Canal project has sparked controversy in the West, that fears the new interoceanic route will undermine the US’ … Continue reading

Azerbaijan Investing Heavily In Its Railroads With The World Bank Support

Azerbaijan’s railroad supporters say their country is the crucial link between east and west, the missing tie that speeds goods from the east to the markets of the west.  A fast, efficient railroad system is, some experts say, both the key to regional integration and an enormous economic engine—a system that, in the first five … Continue reading

Thai Airways To Suspend Flights To Moscow Until Economy Improves

The Thai Airways airline company will suspend flights from Bangkok to Moscow as of March 29, 2015, a source from the Moscow office of Thai Airways said in an official statement which came to TASS on Tuesday. Thai Airways said that despite continuing interest in vacationing in Southeast Asia, which remains stable in Russia, Thai … Continue reading

Africa’s Airspace Still An Open Question

By Anita Powell Many topics are up in the air at this year’s African Union summit among them, literally: air. For nearly three decades, African aviation officials have tried, and failed, to get the continental body to implement an agreement to make the entire continent one connected, free airspace for civilian aircraft. Proponents say that enacting … Continue reading

Protests Will Test Brazilian Government’s Resolve

By Stratfor Global Intelligence Social movements and activist groups are just one more challenge Brazil will face in a year of economic slowdown and political scandal. Protests over public transportation costs, land reform, work conditions and other issues have been on the rise in recent years and will test Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s second-term reform … Continue reading

China’s “New Silk Road”: Strategic Eurasia Land And Sea Transport Corridors

“The One Belt and One Road initiative is a long-term macroscopic program of strategic development for the entire State.” – Zhao Xijun, Deputy Dean of School of Finance, Renmin University, Global Times, Dec 28, 2014 By Binoy Kampmark The Chinese flag hangs in fraternal union with Serbia as one crosses the Zemun-Borča bridge, completed last month, and … Continue reading

Silk Road Rail: A Look At The World’s Longest Rail Route That Links China With Spain

By Henry Ridgwell The longest rail link in the world is operational, after a train carrying goods from China arrived in the Spanish capital, Madrid, last month. The railway has been dubbed the ‘21st-century Silk Road’ and is the latest landmark investment by China aimed at improving the infrastructure along the old trading routes between east … Continue reading

New Rail Line To Turn Kazakhstan Into Transit Hub Between China, Middle East

By Naubet Bisenov BNE A new railway connecting Central Asia with the Persian Gulf through Iran was officially opened on December 3.  With Kazakhstan completing its east-west rail line that links the country’s center to the west earlier this year, the new international railway line now offers direct passage for Chinese goods to Iran and … Continue reading

Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, And Iran Launch Railroad To Get Trade On Track

By Joanna Lillis The Presidents of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran have opened a long-anticipated railroad link connecting landlocked Central Asia to the Persian Gulf. On the Turkmen-Iranian border, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan, Hassan Rouhani of Iran, and Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan donned white gloves to bolt together a final section of track that was symbolically … Continue reading

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