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In Leaked Recording, Egyptian Minister Called For Use Of Automatic Weapons On Protesters

A leaked audio recording that was obtained by al-Jazeera and broadcasted on Tuesday is said to reveal Egyptian Interior Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, calling for the use of automatic weapons against protesters. “Use all that is permitted under the law. I think you all understand …use it without hesitation, any slight hesitation,” the reported voice of Ibrahim says, “from water … Continue reading

Turkey: Turning Towards A Full Eurasian Pivot?

By Andrew Korybko, Sputnik News Turkey’s flirtation with purchasing non-NATO-compatible Chinese missiles to complement its planned air defense system indicates that Ankara may be preparing for a grander non-Western policy pivot in the future. As it stands, Turkey is officially deliberating between purchasing Chinese, American, or French missiles for its air defense system, but the fact that military products … Continue reading

Ukraine Reaches Agreement With UAE To Buy ‘Defensive’ Weapons

Ukraine is set to buy what it calls “defensive weapons” from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Western nations have been hesitant to provide arms to aid Kiev’s forces against separatists. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced on Tuesday that a deal on military and technical cooperation with the UAE had been reached during his visit to the International … Continue reading

Putin And Iran’s ‘Game Changer’ – OpEd

By F. William Engdahl The dynamics of Russian foreign policy since the USA has forced a de facto declaration of war via financial and economic sanctions against Russia is impressive to put it mildly. Whether it will suffice to break the economic siege of Washington and open the way for a genuine global economic alternative to … Continue reading

Three Fronts For Russia: How Washington Will Fan The Flames Of Chaos In Central Asia – OpEd

By Ivan Lizan U.S. Gen. “Ben” Hodges’ statement that within four or five years Russia could develop the capability to wage war simultaneously on three fronts is not only an acknowledgment of the Russian Federation’s growing military potential but also a promise that Washington will obligingly ensure that all three fronts are right on the … Continue reading

India Looks To Boost Its Share In The Global Arms Market

By Anjana Pasricha As it seeks to ramp up domestic defense production, India has called on global arms makers eyeing the country’s large arms market to share technology with Indian companies. But New Delhi  faces many challenges in its efforts to build a credible defense industry. The message to more than 300 foreign firms from over … Continue reading

Turkey To Go Ahead With $3.4B Bid To Buy Anti-Missile Systems From China, Despite NATO Concerns

Turkey — a member of NATO — is maintaining its plan to buy long-range anti-missile systems from China in a deal worth $3.4 billion dollars, however the nation does not plan to integrate the new missile defense system with NATO infrastructure, which has raised security concerns among other NATO members and U.S. officials. Turkey’s Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz said in a … Continue reading

Libya: The Islamic State’s Looming Military Aggression Against The EU

By Alexander Orlov “You get what you pay for” – an old proverb goes. These days the West is beginning to reap the fruits of its own policies of creating “color” revolutions including on the very edge of its borders. On February 15 ISIL has opened a “second front” in the Arab World – heading this … Continue reading

Putin And The Mideast’s Middleman: Egypt’s Strategic Game

By Andrew Korybko The Russian President’s visit last week to Egypt signified that both countries are eager to restore the closeness of their former Nasser-era ties. The deepening partnership between the two has the possibility to qualitatively transform the region, with the ‘Arab Yugoslavia’ serving as a conduit for advancing Russian interests at the expense … Continue reading

Pakistan-India: New Phase Of Nuclear Tensions

By Natalya Zamarayeva “Pakistan reserves the right to safeguard its national security interests; the operationalisation of Indo-US nuclear deal for political and economic expediencies would have a detrimental impact on deterrence stability in South Asia,” the foreign minister of Pakistan said, describing the outcome of the visit of President Barack Obama to India in the … Continue reading

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