Ana Paula Picasso

Brazilian born Market Research Analyst based in Sweden - specialized in #Brazil and #emergingmarkets. All opinions are my own. Follow me on Twitter @a_picasso
Ana Paula Picasso has written 12 posts for EMerging Equity

Emerging Markets Are Much More Bitcoin Native

By Ana Paula Picasso The buzz around Bitcoin has been huge. It seems everybody is talking about it, but its uses have been restricted to a niche type of people and business. If you think that too, should think again. Emerging markets always seem to embrace new methods of payments. And Bitcoin seem to be … Continue reading

Forget BRICS — 2016 Is The Year Of The ASEAN Bloc

2015, what a year that was for BRICS! It will be the year to remember Brazil’s economic slowdown and turbulent political scene, China’s botched response to a rout in its stocks that gripped financial markets in mid-2015, and geopolitical tensions and economic sanctions placed on Russia. But what’s happening with other emerging markets outside the … Continue reading

How Brazil And China Are Investing In Africa

After the economic slow-down, inflation and recession – and perhaps, some most pessimistic might say, the eminent down-fall of BRICS, all eyes turn to Africa as the new best thing regarding investments. Brazil and China have already been investing heavily in Africa, but how and where these two countries are investing in the African continent … Continue reading

The Shocking Algosaibi And Saad Group Case

Trouble first surfaced for Saudi Arabia’s most venerable business group, the Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Brothers Company (AHAB), in 2009. In that year, both the Bahairn based bank, International Bank Corporation (TIBC), and its Money Exchange division defaulted out of the blue, the fallout impacting upon the financial banking sector worldwide. Founded in 1940 and … Continue reading

The Crowdfunding Boom In Latin America

Everybody knows what “fazer uma vaquinha” or “hacer una vaca” in Latin America is – literally translated as “to do/make a cow” (don’t ask me why!) – it’s nothing more than what we know here as collecting money from different people to buy or do something. The primary form of crowd-funding. Kickante – Brazil When … Continue reading

Petrobras: Bill Gates Apologises To Roussef For Litigation “Misunderstanding”

After various online publications reported that the Gates Foundation started a series of U.S. class-action litigation claiming that years of corruption, including bribery, inflated the value of more than $98 billion of its stock and bonds as a “pervasive bribery and money laundering scheme”. The foundation allegedly would be suing Petrobras independently, suggesting this may … Continue reading

Impact Of China’s Economic Slowdown On Brazil

The prospect of a slowdown in China’s economy should have a negative impact of 0.3 percentage points over the Brazilian GDP between 2015 and 2016, according to a study of MCM Consultores, a Brazilian consultancy. According to the report, given the importance acquired by China in global demand, this process has immediate consequences for large … Continue reading

Brazil To Invest More In Solar And Wind Energy Projects

Hydroelectric power is the main source of energy in Brazil to date, but with the recent draughts still affecting the country, it has been necessary to look at other sources. By 2040, Brazil is expected to attract US$ 300 billion in investments for electricity generation – most of it (70%) will go to solar and … Continue reading

Brazil Struggles To Find A Route To Competitiveness

Why is everything so expensive in Brazil? I’m Brazilian and lived there most of my life and back then I quite never understood why until I came across this article by the Economist and it all make sense: high taxation combined with a lack of competitiveness. The Brazilian Real has been in a free-fall for … Continue reading

Show Me The Virtual Money: Brazil And Digital Wallets

Digital wallets: it seems that mature economies are starting the ditch the cold hard cash with Google Wallets and in the most recent months Apple Pay. But, what is happening in emerging economies like Brazil? The digital wallet concept is giving its first steps, however there is definitely a demand for it as Brazil achieved … Continue reading

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