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Ukraine, Proxy Context For World War III – American Search For Confrontation – OpEd

Will the Minsk Agreement hold? Probably not. The West, the US in particular, has too much at stake in desiring its failure, and if Obama-Nuland style gamesmanship/adventurism is up to the mark, expect not-so-subtle sabotage and the resumption of hostilities. By Norman Pollack This is madness like not before. Neither Kennan nor Kissinger would have … Continue reading

Putin’s Vision – Building A Greater Europe By 2050

The situation in the heart of Europe looks pretty bleak at the moment. A shaky ceasefire deal is supposed to take effect on February 15, but many of the substantive elements of a deal that would allow all sides to walk back from a bloody war in Ukraine were missing from the final text. By Ben Aris … Continue reading

How To Destroy Europe, In Five Easy Steps – OpEd

By Hans Vogel First, you wait for an opportunity to take part in a European war. That is what US president Woodrow Wilson did in 1917: although the majority of the US people was vehemently against entering the Great War, despite his solemn promises, Wilson took the US to war. Thus the US helped delay … Continue reading

West Africa: The Approbation Of A New World Order – OpEd

By Alexander Mezyaev The number of conflicts in Africa continues to grow, with more and more new countries getting drawn into them. The situation in West Africa is particularly grave; this part of the continent is being threatened with total destabilization.  The armed conflict in Mali is still going on, where, at the start of 2015, … Continue reading

The New Global Economy: The Rise Of China And Decline Of The U.S.

By G. Asgar Mitha There is a limit to economic manipulations by empires. All empires have perished due to economic hardships. The Ottoman, Soviet and the British empires were no exception in the past century. Waste was the key product of these empires. Whether the only empire – the US – understands it or not, … Continue reading

Once Again On The Nuclear Warpath? – OpEd

By Lawrence Wittner A quarter century after the end of the Cold War and decades after the signing of landmark nuclear arms control and disarmament agreements, are the U.S. and Russian governments once more engaged in a potentially disastrous nuclear arms race with one another?  It certainly looks like it. With approximately 15,000 nuclear weapons … Continue reading

Turkey And Russia Can Eliminate Risk Of New Bipolar World Order – OpEd

By Harun Yahya Events in Ukraine and Syria, and recent tensions between the Western world and Russia, show that we have reached a new turning point in international relations based on trade and financial restrictions. The U.S. has chosen to manipulate oil prices, using a method left over from the Cold War, in order to hurt … Continue reading

Greece Swears In Syriza Leader As Prime Minister

Alexis Tsipras has been sworn in as Greece’s prime minister after his antiausterity Syriza party won January 25 parliamentary polls. Earlier on January 26, Tsipras’s leftist party struck a deal with a right-wing populist party, the Independent Greeks, to form a government after Syriza fell just short of the majority needed to govern alone. The … Continue reading

Syriza’s Victory In Greece To Add Instability To European Economy – OpEd

By Ylli Përmeti SYRIZA’s victory can be attributed almost completely to the conditions created in Greece in the last five years or so, mainly by the Right-wing coalition in Greece. But, while the Right-wing coalition used ‘fear’ during these years, if not (trans) national terrorism,[1] upon the population, the “Left”-wing coalition of SYRIZA, created the … Continue reading

Russia To Surround USA With Its Influence – OpEd

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has recently visited Iran and India, while Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko has paid a visit to Nicaragua. The officials discussed Russia’s participation in the construction of a transatlantic channel of military and strategic importance. Russia’s most recent agreements became a response to the challenges from the United States. The … Continue reading

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